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Blend names and what they mean, for blend, combined, combination for men. Here is the list of Blend names for girls. Usage of these boy names was at its peak in 1994 (usage of 0.1157%) and is almost as widespread today (usage 0.0845%, down 27%), but with names such as Brenton, Davion, Jaron, Marvin and Ray becoming somewhat outmoded. Davian (#753), Gabriel (#24), Jaylen (#318) and Royce (#475) are four of the more contemporarily stylish birth names here, and there is also a rebound in baby name popularity for Royce.

Abdul - Cleander

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Abdul 1 .. Commonly used in combination with another .. Abdallah (top 7%), Abdalla (10%), Abdul (11%), Abdella (24%) and Abdel (47%) appear commonly as last names. [Ab, Abdal, Abdallah, Abdel, Abdellah, Abdoulla, .. 10 more]

Arthel 2 .. Blend of Arthur with the el .. Unique. Arthel, like Montrel, Forgael, ends with the favored masculine -el. See also Arther.

Brenton 3 .. .. Branton, or a combination of Brandon .. Brenton exists commonly (top 10%) as a last name. [Brentan, Brenten, Brentin, Brentton, .. 1 more]

Bryland 4 .. combination of Bryan with Ryland. Bryland is a rare male name.

Cleander 5 Combined name: possibly Leander (Greek) lion .. Cleander is rare as a baby name. See also Cleandro.

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[Abdul - Cleander]
Abdul [Del, Abdull, Abdoulla, Abdoullah, ..], Arthel, Brenton [Brenten, Brentin, Brentton, Brenttyn], Bryland, Cleander

[Da- - Jarius]
Da- [Davar, Davon, Dawayne, Davaughn, ..], Dajon, Darence [Darrance, Darrence, Derrance], Darold [Derald, Darrold, Derrold], Darrien [Darrian, Darrion, Darryan, Darryen, ..], Darvin [Dervin], Davian [Davion, Davyan, Davyen, Davyon, ..], Davion [Daveon], De- [Dewitt, Devonn, Dewayne, Devonte, ..], Denmark, Dion [Dondre, Dionte, Diandre, Diondre, ..], Dontavius [Dantavius, Dawntavius, Dontavious, Dewontavius], Dwade, Edel [Adel, Adlin, Edlin, Edelin], Eilwyn, Gabriel [Gay, Jabril, Jibril, Gavrilo, ..], Gian [Gianny, Gianni, Gianney], Ja- [Javon, Jayvon, Javonte, Javaughn, ..], Jadrian, Jarius

[Jarell - Rashaun]
Jarell [Jaryl, Jarryl, Jarrell, Jerrell, ..], Jareth [Jereth, Jarreth], Jaron [Jeren, Jerren, Jerrin, Jerron, ..], Jaylen [Jalon, Jaylan, Jaylin, Jaylon], Je- [Jeron, Jevan, Jevon, Jerone, ..], Jerrick [Jerick, Jerric, Jerrik, Jerriq, ..], Jonte [Jontae, Jontez, Johnte, Jontell], Juan [Juwan, Juanito, Juanluis, Juanpablo], Keandre [Keondre], La- [Lavon, Lavell, Lavonte, Lavaughn, ..], Larnell, Larron [Laron, Larran, Larren, Larrin, ..], Le- [Levon, Levell, Levelle, Lewayne, ..], Mar- [Marquis, Martell, Marzell, Marshawn, ..], Marcel [Marcelo, Marcely, Marciano, Marcellus, ..], Marshawn [Marsean, Marshon], Marvin [Merwin, Merwyn, Murvin, Murvynn, ..], Michelangelo, Or, Rashaun [Rashane, Rashawn, Rayshaun, Rayshawn]

[Ray - Zev]
Ray [Reigh, Raylen, Rayford, Raynell, ..], Royce [Roice], Santana [Santanna], Taylan [Taylon], Terran [Tarrin, Terrin, Terron], Travon [Traveon, Travion, Trayvon, Trevonn], Trevis, Tyrus, Wyck [Wick, Wyche], Zev [Zeev]