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Bless Names

2 Bless names and what they mean, for bless for baby boys, listing 1-2.

Candelario .. It was customary to bless all the candles for the succeeding year on the day of this feast.
[Candelareo, Candelaro, Candelerio, Candelero]

Timothy .. The story turns on the fate of the crippled but ever-cheerful Tiny Tim, who greets every holiday season with the cry, "God bless us, every one!" The name was uncommon until the 18th century.
[Tim, Timmo, Timmy, Timmothy, Timo, .. 14 more]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Bless names: Candelario, Timothy

Timothy is a commonly used name, while Candelario is rare in comparison. (2000 U.S. Census)

Featured categories: armor, cross, fence, grace, guard, praise, protect, respect, saint, shelter, shield, trumpet.

Bellarmine .. (Italian) "The one with the beautiful armor."

Emmet .. Given by Irish and Irish-American families to celebrate early 19th century Irish patriot Robert Emmet, who tried to overthrow English rule in Ireland with French help ..
[Emmett, Emmit, Emmitt, Emmot, Emmott]

Bjorn .. Swedish tennis champion Bjorn Borg.
[Bjarn, Bjarne, Bjorne, Bjornsterne]

Walker .. Occupational name: in the medieval era, workers trod on the wool to cleanse of impurities ..

Odolf .. In the Middle Ages, it was a compliment to a man's fierecenss and courage by alluding him to a wolf.
[Odolff, Odulf]

Andrew .. The "Saint Andrew's Cross", representing Scotland, appears on the flag of the United Kingdom ..
[Adem, Aindrea, Aindreas, Analu, Anders, .. 44 more]

Zachary .. Zachary is one of several names from the Old Testament that have revived into favor in modern times ..
[Zaccary, Zaccery, Zach, Zacharie, Zachery, .. 8 more]

Lander .. Also possibly derived from German meaning "picket fence", or from an expression describing a person from a rural area, or from a German/Jewish name for the people of Landau, a city in Germany ..
[Land, Landers, Landis, Landiss, Landor, .. 1 more]

Chaniel .. (Hebrew) "Grace of God."
[Chanyel, Haniel, Hanniel, Hanyel]

Alvar .. Also possibly an anglicized form of Spanish Alvaro, meaning "all guard" in Old German ..
[Albaro, Allvar, Alvaro, Alvarso, Alverio]

Haven ..
[Hagan, Hagen, Havin, Hogan]

Laud .. Archbishop of Canterbury William Laud.

Aeneas .. (Greek, Latin) "To praise." ..
[Aenneas, Aineas, Aineias, Aineis, Ainneas, .. 6 more]

Akiva .. (Hebrew) "Protect, shelter." ..

Sabino .. Romulus arranged mass kidnapping of the Sabine women so as to provide wives for the citizens of Rome ..
[Sabeeno, Sabin, Savin, Savino]

Kari .. (Old Norse) "Puff of wind." ..

Gus Short form of Augustus (Latin) "worthy of respect".
[Guss, Gustav]

Paul .. Revolutionary War hero Paul Revere ..
[Havel, Paavo, Pablo, Pal, Paolo, .. 21 more]


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