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Blessed Names

(See: Holy Names)

Page 1/4. 63 Blessed names and what they mean, for blessed, sacred, divine, fortunate, lucky, heavenly, godly, blessing for baby boys, listing 1-20. Here is the list of Blessed names for girls.

Amaram .. (Tamil) "Heavenly."

Anson .. Possibly means "son of Ann" or "son of the divine" ..
[Annson, Ansson, Hanson]

Asad .. (Arabic) "More fortunate."
[Asaad, Assad]

Asher .. Biblical: Asher, the eighth son of Jacob, was promised a life blessed with abundance ..
[Ash, Asser]

Ayman .. (Arabic) "Lucky, fortunate." ..

Barack .. (Hebrew, Swahili, African) "Blessing." ..
[Barak, Barrak]

Baruch .. (Hebrew) "Blessed." ..
[Baruchi, Baruj, Boruch]

Beattie .. (Irish, Gaelic, Latin) "Blessed." ..
[Beatie, Beatty, Beaty]

Ben .. Many Hebrew names combine Ben with another name, for example Ben-Baruch, meaning "son of the blessed" ..
[Benji, Benjy, Benn, Benne, Bennie, .. 1 more]

Benedict .. (Latin) "Blessed." ..
[Ben, Bendick, Bendict, Benedetto, Benedick, .. 18 more]

Boniface .. (Latin) "Fortunate, auspicious." ..
[Bonfecio, Boni, Bonifacio, Bonifacius, Bonifacy]

Caerwyn .. (Welsh) "Love, fair, blessed." ..

Carwyn .. (Welsh) "Love, fair, blessed." ..

Castor .. In classical myth, along with Pollux, one of the heavenly twins immortalized in the constellation Gemini ..
[Caster, Castorio, Kastor]

Celesto .. (Latin) "Heavenly." ..
[Celestine, Celestino, Celindo, Selestine, Selestino, .. 1 more]

Chairo .. (Spanish, Greek) "Sacred name." ..
[Chiro, Hairo, Hiro]

Dante .. Historical: Dante Alighieri, considered one of the great poets of all time, wrote "The Divine Comedy", notable for the graphic description of the medieval version of Hell known as Dante's Inferno ..
[Dantae, Dantay, Dantel, Daunte, Dontae, .. 2 more]

Delius .. Delos is a tiny Greek island that was sacred to the ancient Greeks, who believed that Apollo and Artemis had been born there.
[Deli, Delios, Delos]

Delvin .. (Old English, Irish) "Godly friend."
[Dalvwin, Dalwyn, Delavan, Delevan, Dellwin, .. 4 more]

Deodar .. (Hindi, Sanskrit) "Divine wood." ..

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Blessed names: Anson, Asher, Ben, Benedict, Dante, Delvin

Ben, Benedict and Dante are commonly used names, while Amaram, Anson, Asad, Asher, Ayman, Barack, Baruch, Beattie, Boniface, Caerwyn, Carwyn, Castor, Celesto, Chairo, Delius, Delvin and Deodar are rare in comparison. (2000 U.S. Census)

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