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Blessed names and what they mean, for blessed, fortunate, lucky, blessing for males. Here is the list of Blessed names for girls. These boy names are at the top of their popularity today (usage of 0.1316%), except for names like Ben, Benedict and Elwyn which have become less in vogue. Asher (#93), Dexter (#394), Israel (#240) and Luke (#28) are four of the more trendy names for newborns in this list, with Dexter, Israel and Luke going through a revival in popularity.

Asad - Baruch

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Asad 1 .. From Arabic word. "More fortunate." Asad, Asaad, Assad (cf. Blad, Road) are common -ad suffix last names. [Asaad, Assad]

Asher 2 .. .. of Jacob, was blessed with abundance .. Ash and Asser are more unusual as variations of Asher. [Ash, .. 1 more]

Ayman 3 .. Root fr. Arabic. "Lucky, fortunate." Unusual. Ayman, like Sulayman, Suleyman, ends with the unconventional masculine-sounding -yman. In some Arabic dialects, the name .. [Aymeen]

Barack 4 .. Based on Hebrew, Swahili, African elements. "blessing." Barack, like the similar-sounding Brick, exists more often as a surname. Biblical .. [Barak, Barrak]

Baruch 5 .. From Hebrew. "Blessed." Baruch, Boruch (cf. Prazuch, Yauch) are popular -uch suffix last names. Biblical .. [Baruchi, .. 2 more]

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[Asad - Baruch]
Asad [Asaad, Assad], Asher [Ash, Asser], Ayman [Aymeen], Barack [Barak, Barrak], Baruch [Baruj, Boruch, Baruchi]

[Beattie - Lucky]
Beattie [Beaty, Beatie, Beatty], Ben [Benn, Benjy, Benji, Benne, Benny, Bennie], Benedict [Bent, Bennt, Bennie, Benoit, Bennito, Venedictos, ..], Boniface [Boni, Bonifacy, Bonfecio, Bonifacio, Bonifacius], Caerwyn, Carwyn [Caerwyn], Dexter [Dex, Dexy, Dexton], Eilwyn, Eirwyn, Elwyn [Elwin, Elwynn], Eyolf [Eyulf], Faust [Fausto, Faustus, Faustin, Faustino], Felix [Felyx, Felike, Pelike, Feliks, Felizio, Fleicien, ..], Fortune [Fortino, Fortuny, Fortunio, Fortunato, Fortunatus], Gwyn [Wyn, Gwin, Guinn, Gwynn, Gwinn, Gwynedd], Gwynedd, Israel [Yisrael], Jedidiah [Jed, Jedd, Jedediah, Jedadiah], Keitaro, Lucky

[Luke - Zelig]
Luke [Luck, Lucio, Lucky, Lukas, Lukacs, Lucius, ..], Makarios [Makar, Makary, Makari, Makario, Mackarios, Makkarios, ..], Meged, Odilo [Odile, Odilio, Odilon, Otildo, Ottild, Ottildo], Prosper [Prospero, Prosperus], Seeley [Seely, Sealey, Seelye], Selig [Zelig, Seligman, Seligmann], Shiva, Zelig [Zelik, Selig, Zeligman]