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Blessed names

Blessed names and what they mean, for blessed, fortunate, lucky, blessing.

These boy names are at the top of their popularity presently (usage of 0.1316%), except for names like Ben, Benedict and Elwyn which have become less in vogue. Asher (#93), Dexter (#394), Israel (#240) and Luke (#28) are four of the more trendy names for newborns in this list, with Dexter, Israel and Luke going through a revival in popularity. Bene (top 20%) and Boen (13%) are common last names.

Here is the list of Blessed names for girls.

Asad - Gwyn

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Top 1000 baby names ranking of Blessed names: Asher, Ben, Benedict, Dexter, Elwyn, Felix

Asad 1 .. From Arabic word. "More fortunate." Outside Top 1000. [Asaad, Assad]

Asher 2 .. .. of Jacob, was blessed with abundance .. Ranked in Top 1000. [Ash, .. 1 more]

Ayman 3 .. Root fr. Arabic. "Lucky, fortunate." Anman, Aymanae and Azman are kreatif forms. In some Arabic dialects, the name .. [Aymeen]

Barack 4 .. Based on Hebrew, Swahili, African elements. "blessing." Not Top 1000 names. Biblical .. [Barak, Barrak]

Baruch 5 .. From Hebrew. "Blessed." Uncommon. Baruch, Boruch (cf. Butch) uses the -ch suffix. Biblical .. [Baruchi, .. 2 more]

Beattie 6 .. Origin fr. Irish, Gaelic, Latin words. "blessed." Not in popularity charts. Masculine form of Beatrice. [Beatie, .. 2 more]

Ben 7 .. .. Baruch, meaning "son of the blessed" .. Prominent, with the -en suffix for Ben like Babsen. [Benji, Benjy, Benne, .. 3 more]

Benedict 8 .. Derived fr. Latin element. "Blessed." Listed in Top 1000. From Church Latin Benedictus .. [Ben, Benedictus, Bennedict, Bennedikt, Bennet, Bennie, Bent, .. 16 more]

Boniface 9 .. Source fr. Latin word. "Fortunate, auspicious." Unusual. Boniface (cf. Bryce) has the -ce suffix. Boniface was the name of an innkeeper in a 1707 play "The Beaux' Stratagem" by Fahrquarm .. [Bonfecio, Bonifacio, Bonifacy, .. 2 more]

Caerwyn 10 .. From Welsh element. "Love, fair, blessed." Unusual, with the -wyn suffix like Colwyn. See also Corwyn. A respelling of Carwyn, though it ..

Carwyn 11 .. Stems fr. Welsh element. "Love, fair, blessed." Rare. Carwyn, Caerwyn (cf. Chetwyn) uses the androgynous-sounding -wyn suffix. Carwen is the female form. [Caerwyn]

Dexter 12 .. Derived fr. Latin, Old English words. "Right handed, fortunate; woman who dyes." Listed in Top 1000. Originally from Greek dexi meaning "worship" .. [Dex, Dexton, Dexy]

Eilwyn 13 .. .. wyn meaning "white, fair, blessed, holy". Not in Top 1000. See also Elwynn.

Eirwyn 14 .. Root fr. Welsh. "Blessed snow." Unique. Eirwyn, like Edwyn, ends with the unusual -wyn. See also Eirian. .. wyn meaning "white, fair, blessed, holy".

Elwyn 15 .. Based on Gaelic, Welsh words. "White, fair, blessed, holy." Unusual, with the androgynous-sounding -wyn ending for Elwyn like Eldwyn. Of uncertain origin, influenced by Welsh .. [Elwin, .. 1 more]

Eyolf 16 .. Source fr. Norwegian element. "Lucky wolf." Outside Top 1000. [Eyulf]

Faust 17 .. Derived fr. Latin language. "Lucky, fortunate." Not in Top 1000. .. added Felix "happy, fortunate" to his .. [Faustin, Faustus, .. 2 more]

Felix 18 .. Based on Latin word. "Happy, lucky." Listed in Top 1000. Masculine of Felicity .. [Fee, Felic, Feliks, Felizio, Pelike, .. 7 more]

Fortune 19 .. Derived fr. Old French language. "Lucky." Not in popularity charts. Fortino (for TEEN oh) is the .. [Fortino, Fortunato, Fortunatus, Fortunio, Fortuny]

Gwyn 20 .. Source fr. Welsh language. "Fair, white blessed, holy." Not in Top 1000. Used as a masculine name in .. [Guinn, Gwynn, .. 4 more]

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Summary of Blessed names (and variants) for boys.

Asad - Gwyn
Asad [Asaad, Assad], Asher [Ash, Asser], Ayman [Aymeen], Barack [Barak, Barrak], Baruch [Baruj, Boruch, Baruchi], Beattie [Beaty, Beatie, Beatty], Ben [Benn, Benjy, Benji, Benne, Benny, Bennie], Benedict [Bent, Bennt, Bennie, Benoit, Bennet, Bennett, Bennito, Venedictos, ..], Boniface [Boni, Bonifacy, Bonfecio, Bonifacio, Bonifacius], Caerwyn, Carwyn [Caerwyn], Dexter [Dex, Dexy, Dexton], Eilwyn, Eirwyn, Elwyn [Elwin, Elwynn], Eyolf [Eyulf], Faust [Fausto, Faustus, Faustin, Faustino], Felix [Felyx, Felike, Feliks, Pelike, Felicks, Felicio, Felizio, Fleicien, ..], Fortune [Fortino, Fortuny, Fortunio, Fortunato, Fortunatus], Gwyn [Wyn, Gwin, Guinn, Gwynn, Gwinn, Gwynedd]

Gwynedd - Zelig
Gwynedd, Israel [Yisrael], Jedidiah [Jed, Jedd, Jedediah, Jedadiah], Keitaro, Lucky, Luke [Luck, Lucio, Lukas, Lucky, Lucian, Lucien, Lucius, Lukacs, ..], Makarios [Makar, Makari, Makary, Makario, Mackario, Maccarios, Mackarios, Makkarios, ..], Meged, Odilo [Odile, Odilio, Odilon, Otildo, Ottild, Ottildo], Prosper [Prospero, Prosperus], Seeley [Seely, Sealey, Seelye], Selig [Zelig, Seligman, Seligmann], Shiva, Zelig [Zelik, Selig, Zeligman]