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Blessing Names

4 Blessing names and what they mean, for blessing for baby boys, listing 1-4. Here is the list of Blessing names for girls.

Barack .. (Hebrew, Swahili, African) "Blessing." ..
[Barak, Barrak]

Israel .. Biblical: when Jacob, son of Isaac, was in his nineties, God changed his name to Israel as a token of blessing ..

Jedidiah .. Biblical: a "blessing" name given in infancy to King Solomon, David's second son by Bathsheba.
[Jed, Jedadiah, Jedd, Jedediah]

Meged .. (Hebrew) "Blessing, goodness."

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Blessing names: Israel, Jedidiah

Israel is a commonly used name, while Barack, Jedidiah and Meged are rare in comparison. (2000 U.S. Census)

Featured categories: admiration, bounty, devotion, fortune, gain, gift, good, grace, kindness, luck, mercy, office, prayer, respect, service, voice.

Leslie .. Boys' use is probably due to admiration for actors Leslie Howard ..
[Les, Leslea, Leslee, Lesley, Lesly, .. 1 more]

Bligh .. Related to Bliss and Blythe, but due to the fame of English sea captain William Bligh, whose crew on the HMS Bounty mutinied in 1789, it has taken on connotations of severity, even tyranny ..

Odolf .. In the Middle Ages, it was a compliment to a man's fierecenss and courage by alluding him to a wolf.
[Odolff, Odulf]

Tecumseh .. He held that all land belonged to all tribes, and that none of it could be sold without the consent of all ..

Abdul .. As such, the name indicates religious service and devotion ..
[Ab, Abdal, Abdall, Abdalla, Abdallah, .. 10 more]

Zachary .. Zachary is one of several names from the Old Testament that have revived into favor in modern times ..
[Zaccary, Zaccery, Zach, Zacharie, Zachery, .. 8 more]

Ayers .. (English) "Heir to a fortune."

Boyd .. Actor Boyd Gaines.

Abisha .. (Hebrew) "Gift of God."
[Abidja, Abidjah, Abijah, Abishai]

Adonis .. (Greek) "Extremely good looking, handsome." ..
[Addonia, Adohnes, Adon, Adones, Adonys]

Chaniel .. (Hebrew) "Grace of God."
[Chanyel, Haniel, Hanniel, Hanyel]

Aidan .. Name of a bishop of Ferns (seventh century) who was noted for his kindness and generosity ..
[Aedan, Aidano, Aiden, Aidyn, Aydan, .. 6 more]

Berilo .. The beryl was considered a token of good luck.

Atli .. Also an Old Norse name possibly meaning "one without mercy", or a variant of Attila king of the Huns.

Chancellor .. (French, Middle English) "Office holder." Occupational name, surname and title of high office, as in the Lord Chancellor of England or the chancellor of a university ..
[Chance, Chancelor, Chansellor, Chaunce]

Bede .. (Old English) "Prayer bead." ..


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