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Boundary Names

Page 1/3. 19 Boundary names and what they mean, for boundary, enclosure, border, march for males. These boy names reached the height of their popularity in 1992 and are somewhat less popular today, with names like Marquis, Merritt, Garth, Hayward and Patrick falling out of fashion.

Ainsley .. Also transferred use of the Scottish surname Ainslie, which is borne by a powerful family long established in the Scottish borders.
[Ainslee, Ainsleigh, Ainslie, Ansley, Aynslee, .. 2 more]

Aries .. Name of the astrological sign for those born from March 21 to April 19.
[Ares, Arese, Ariese]

Aviv .. Aviv was the original name of Nisan, the first month of the Hebrew calendar which corresponds with March and April ..

Bourne .. Could be from Old French, meaning "boundary, milestone" ..
[Born, Borne, Bourn, Burn, Burns, .. 2 more]

Claiborne .. (French, German, Old English) "Boundary with clover; Boundary of clay." ..
[Claiborn, Claibourn, Claibourne, Clayborn, Clayborne, .. 2 more]

Popularity of Boundary baby names

Ainsley, Aries, Aviv, Bourne and Claiborne are rare names. (2000 U.S. Census)

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[Ainsley - Claiborne]
Ainsley [7], Aries [3], Aviv, Bourne [7], Claiborne [7]

[Clayborne - Penn]
Clayborne [7], Creighton [2], Garth, Hayward, March [2], Marcus [4], Marquis [15], Merritt [3], Patrick [25], Penn [1]

[Rhinebeck - Warfield]
Rhinebeck [1], Rio [1], Severn [1], Warfield


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