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Brave names

Brave baby names and what they mean, for brave, courage, bold, valor.

These boy names reached the peak of their popularity a century ago (usage of 1.82%) and are almost as popular today (usage 1.42%, down 22%), but with names such as Jarrett becoming less trendy. The trendier boy names here are Alexander (#8), Everett (#167), Kendrick (#334), Roman (#113) and Winston (#538).

Here is the list of Brave names for girls.


Names may be associated with a word, eg. Raven is associated with "dark" but does not mean "dark".

Abner - Brainard

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Top 2000 baby names ranking of Brave names: Abner, Achilles, Alexander, Archibald, Archie

.. army chief, a valiant warrior and .. Abner, Avner, Ebner (cf. Auger, Acher) are common -er suffix surnames. [Ab, Abna, Abnor, Avner, Eb, .. 8 more]

.. famous for his valor and manly .. Achill, Achille, Achillea, Achilleo and Achilleus are more unusual as variant forms of Achilles. [Achill, Akil, Akilles, Akillius, Aquiles, Quilo, .. 10 more]

Source fr. Old German. "Noble courage." A novel boys' name.

.. of high physical courage, impulsive energy .. Alexander (top 1%), Saunders (1%), Sander (2%), Alexis (4%) and Sandy (4%) exist often as surnames. [Al, Alastair, Alaster, Alcander, Alejandro, Aleko, Aleksander, Aleksanteri, Alessandre, Alessandro, .. 60 more]

Derivative of Old English word. "Noble and brave." Not that prominent as a children's name, Allard exists more commonly as a surname. [Adelard, Adelhard, .. 3 more]

Origin fr. Old German element. "Brave power." Amory, Aimory, etc. are not Top 2000 names. Variant of Emery .. [Aimory, Amorey, .. 2 more]

From Old French, Old German words. "Genuine, bold, brave." Archibald and variants became more popular in 2014, gaining on average +24 rankings as baby names with Archie rising the most. Brought to Britain with the Norman .. [Arch, Archambault, Archibaldo, Archibold, Archimbald, Arquibaldo, .. 8 more]

Source fr. English, Old German words. "Genuine, bold, brave." Usage of Archie as a baby name in 2014 was 62.9% more than a decade ago. See also Arch. Nickname of Archibald.

Derived fr. Irish, Gaelic element. "High or bear like valor." Arsal is a moderately common birth name. [Ardghal]

Derived fr. Old German, Old English. "Brave, strong boar." Compare surnames Avrett (top 48%), Averette (13%). Variant of Everett. [Averet, .. 3 more]

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Brave names: Baldemar, Baldwin, Ballard, Basil, Bayard, Bernard

Derivative of Old German word. "Bold and renowned; famous ruler." Less popular today. Baldemar was the form last listed (the 1970s) in the Top 2000. Saint Baldomar was a blacksmith who .. [Baldomar, .. 3 more]

Derivative of Old English language. "Courageous army." Balder, Baldor, etc. are rarely adopted as birth names. .. does not mean hairless, but brave .. [Baldor, .. 2 more]

Stems fr. Old German word. "Brave ruler." Balric and Nardric are kreatif variations. "Bald" means "brave", while "ric", as .. [Balderic, Balderik, Baudric, .. 1 more]

Derived fr. Old French, Old German words. "Bold, brave friend." Baldwin is commonplace as a variation. Adopted by the Normans and introduced .. [Bald, Baldewin, Baldovino, Baldwinn, Balldwin, .. 5 more]

Stems fr. Old German, Old Norse languages. "Brave and strong; round shaped." Less popular today. Ballard was last recorded in the 1940s in the Top 2000.

A valiant warrior who cooperated with .. Unique. Barack, similar to Buck, ends with the masculine -ck. [Barak, Barrak]

.. In Arabic, the name means "brave" .. Basil, Basilio and Vasilios are commonly used as forms. [Basile, Bazeelius, Vasilius, Wassily, .. 19 more]

.. renowned for his valor and purity .. Baiardo, Bajardo and Bay are more unconventional as variant forms of Bayard. [Baiardo, Baylen, .. 2 more]

Based on Old French, Old German languages. "Strong, brave bear." Berend and variants peaked in popularity a century ago and have become less popular, with Bernard falling out of fashion. Three famous medieval saints bore the .. [Barnard, Barnardo, Barnhardo, Barnie, Berend, Bernardino, Bernie, Burnard, .. 15 more]

Root fr. Old English element. "Courageous raven." Unusual, with the androgynous-sounding -ard suffix for Brainard, Braynard, like Burnard. [Brainerd, .. 1 more]

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Index of all Brave names [and variants] for boys.

1. Abner - Brainard
Abner b [Ebby, Ebner, ..], Achilles b [Quilo, Aquilles, ..], Albern, Alexander b [Zandro, Zandros, ..], Allard b [Alhart, Allart, ..], Amory b [Amry, Amorey, ..], Archibald b [Baldie, Arquimbaldo, ..], Archie, Ardal [Ardghal], Averett b [Averitt, Averret, ..], Baldemar b [Baumar, Baumer, ..], Balder b [Baldur, Baudier], Baldric b [Baudric, Baldrick, ..], Baldwin b [Baudoin, Balldwin, ..], Ballard, Barack b [Barak, Barrak], Basil b [Vassily, Wassily, ..], Bayard b [Bay, Baylen, ..], Bernard b [Burnard, Vernados, ..], Brainard b [Brainerd, Braynard]

2. Bravo - Farris
Bravo b [Brahvo, Bravvo], Conrad b [Kort, Kurt, ..], Cort b [Kort, Kurt, ..], Dainard b [Daynard, Dainhard, ..], Devereux [Deveraux], Devlin b [Devlon, Devlyn, ..], Dolan, Dustin b [Dusty, Dustyn, ..], Eberhard b [Evrard, Evreux, ..], Eckhard b [Ekkehard, Ekkehardt, ..], Ellard b [Allard, Allerd], Emery b [Emory, Emmory, ..], Ermenegildo [Gildo], Everard b [Evrard, Evraud, ..], Everett b [Eward, Ewart, ..], Fafnir b [Fraener, Fraenir], Fahd b [Fahad, Fahed], Farley b [Lee, Leigh, ..], Farrell b [Ferryl, Ferrill, ..], Farris b [Faris, Ferris]

3. Fergal - Kendrick
Fergal b [Forgael, Fearghall, ..], Fergus b [Ferguson, Fergusson, ..], Flannery, Frick, Gaillard b [Galliard, Gaillardet], Garrard b [Gerard, Gerhardt], Gaspard b [Kaspar, Kasper, ..], Ged, Gerard b [Jerry, Jerrott, ..], Gifford b [Gifferd, Gyfford], Goddard b [Gotthart, Gotthardt, ..], Harding [Hardinge], Hardwick [Harwyck], Hardwin b [Hardwyn, Hardwynn, ..], Hardy [Hardey], Hart [Harte], Hartwig, Jabari, Jarrett b [Jerrot, Jerrott, ..], Kendrick b [Kenrik, Kenricks, ..]

4. Kenelm - Theobald
Kenelm b [Kenhelm, Kennelm], Kennard b [Kenner, Kennaird], Kenward, Kenway, Konrad b [Kort, Knoz], Kurt [Kort], Lech, Leon b [Lionni, Lionisio, ..], Leonard b [Lonny, Lonnard, ..], Leopold b [Leupold, Leopoldo], Macardle b [Macardell, Mccardell], Maynard b [Menard, Meinhardt, ..], Meinhard b [Meino, Meinhardt, ..], Modred [Moordred], Odolf b [Odulf, Odolff], Prewitt b [Prewit, Pruitt, ..], Rainart b [Renke, Reinhart, ..], Roman b [Rome, Romanus, ..], Tamerlane b [Tamurlayn, Tamurlaine, ..], Theobald b [Tybalt, Tybault, ..]

5. Tyr - Zadok
Tyr, Valente, Winston b [Wynstan, Wynston, ..], Zadok b [Zadoc, Zaydok]