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Alan - Cadfan

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Alan 1 .. Introduced into England by Breton followers of William the Conqueror, such as Alan, Earl of Brittany, who was rewarded for his services with vast estates in the newly conquered kingdom .. Alan is a frequently occurring (Top 7%) first name, appearing commonly (Top 26%) as a last name in the US Census. The variations Allie and Al are prevalent as variant forms of this name. [Ailean, Ailin, Alain, Aland, Alano, .. 20 more]

Brett 2 .. Transferred use of the surname, which originated in the Middle Ages as an ethnic name for a native of Brittany (France), or Britain (England) .. Usage of Brett for boys has decreased over time since 1980-1989. Both a masculine and a feminine name. The form Britt is common as a variation of Brett. [Bret, Breton, Bretton, Briton, Brittain, .. 6 more]

Britannicus 3 .. Has a resemblance to Brittany. Not consistently used as a given name.

Cadfan 4 .. Saint Cadfan from Brittany founded a monastery on Bardsey Island in the fifth century .. A given name for baby boys which is rarely used. See also Cadan.

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[Alan - Cadfan]
Alan [Alyn, Alon, Alun, Alley, Allie, Allon, Allyn, Allin, Alleyn, Alleyne, ..], Brett [Brit, Britt, Brette, Breton, Britte, Briton, Britton, Bretton, Brittan, Brittain], Britannicus, Cadfan