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Brown names and what they mean, for brown for males. Here is the list of Brown names for girls. Usage of these boy names reached its peak in 1950-1959 and it is almost as widespread today, but with names like Duncan, Edmund, Duane, Donnell and Brown becoming somewhat dated. Bronson (#699), Jasper (#218), Bryan (#148) and Donovan (#284) are four of the more trendy baby names in this compilation, with Bronson and Jasper having a resurgence in usage.

Auburn - Bryan

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Auburn 1 .. From English element. "Moderate or reddish brown." Also used as a girls' name. Unusual as a birth name.

Bronson 2 .. Based on Middle English element. "Son of the brown man." Bronson is a scantly used men's name, and it appears regularly (Top 3%) as a surname in the US Census. See also Branston. .. [Bron, Bronnson, Bronsin, Bronsson, .. 2 more]

Brown 3 .. The name was probably given in reference to brown hair or eyes. An occasionally used given name, Brown occurs more often as a surname. See also Bren.

Bruno 4 .. Based on Old German element. "Brown." Bruno is recognizable (Top 57%) as a men's name, and it appears regularly (Top 1%) as a surname in the US Census. See also Bran. .. [Bruin, Brunon, .. 1 more]

Bryan 5 .. Actor Bryan Brown .. Bryan is a commonplace (Top 8%) men's name, occurring regularly (Top 1%) as a surname in the US Census. See also Briano. [Bryen, Bryon]

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Summary of all Brown names (and their variants) for boys.

[Auburn - Bryan]
Auburn, Bronson [Bron, Bronsen, Bronsin, Bronsonn, Bronnson, Bronsson], Brown, Bruno [Bruin, Bruino, Brunon], Bryan [Bryen, Bryon]

[Burnell - Dunstan]
Burnell [Burnel, Brunel, Brunell, Bernelle], Burnet [Bernet, Bernett, Burnett], Buster, Donnell [Donal, Donell, Donnel, Donnelly], Donovan [Donavon, Donavan, Donevin, Donevon, Donoven, Donovon], Duane [Dwain, Dwaine, Dwayne, Duwain, Duwayne, Duwaine, ..], Duncan [Dunc, Dunn], Dunham, Dunn [Dunne], Dunstan [Dunsten, Dunstin, Dunston]

[Eachann - Umber]
Eachann [Eachan, Eachtar], Edmund [Ted, Ned, Odon, Teddy, Eumann, Neddie, ..], Jasper [Gaspar, Gasper, Jaspar, Jesper, Kacper], Jeb, Lebrun [Labron, Labrun, Lebron], Livingston [Livingsten, Livingstin, Livingstone], Rhydderch, Sable, Sorrell [Sorel, Sorrel], Umber [Umbro]