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Brown names and what they mean, for brown for men. Here is the list of Brown names for girls. Adoption of these boy names was at its peak during the years 1950-1959 (usage of 0.1708%) and is almost as widespread today (usage 0.1274%, down 25.5%), but with names like Brown, Donnell, Duane, Duncan and Edmund falling out of fashion. Bronson (#699), Bryan (#148), Donovan (#284) and Jasper (#218) are four of the more trendy boy names here, with Bronson and Jasper going through a resurgence in popularity.

Auburn - Bryan

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Auburn 1 .. From English. "Moderate or reddish brown." Gender-neutral name. Auburn is an uncommon given name, registering often (Top 64%) as a surname.

Bronson 2 .. Derived fr. Middle English word. "Son of the brown man." Prevalent. Bronson, Bronnson (cf. Hopkinson, Dickinson) end with the popular masculine-sounding -nson. Actors Charles Bronson, Bronson Rinchot. [Bron, Bronsin, Bronsson, .. 3 more]

Brown 3 .. .. in reference to brown hair or .. Somewhat widely used as a children's name, Brown is similar to the popular Bryan. See also Bryen.

Bruno 4 .. From Old German element. "Brown." Adoption of Bruno, Brunon, etc. as baby names in 2014 was 6.5% less than a year ago. Used as a name in the .. [Bruin, .. 2 more]

Bryan 5 .. Actor Bryan Brown; singer Bryan Ferry. Bryan (Top 1%), Bryen (74%) and Bryon (36%) occur regularly as surnames. [Bryen, .. 1 more]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Brown names: Bronson, Brown, Bruno, Bryan

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[Auburn - Bryan]
Auburn, Bronson [Bron, Bronsen, Bronsin, Bronsonn, Bronnson, Bronsson], Brown, Bruno [Bruin, Bruino, Brunon], Bryan [Bryen, Bryon]

[Burnell - Umber]
Burnell [Burnel, Brunel, Brunell, Bernelle], Burnet [Bernet, Bernett, Burnett], Buster, Donnell [Donal, Donell, Donnel, Donnelly], Donovan [Donavon, Donavan, Donevin, Donevon, Donoven, Donovon], Duane [Dwain, Duwain, Duante, Dwayne, Duayne, Dwaine, Duwayne, Duwaine, ..], Duncan [Dunc, Dunn], Dunham, Dunn [Dunne], Dunstan [Dunsten, Dunstin, Dunston], Eachann [Eachan, Eachtar], Edmund [Ted, Ned, Odon, Teddy, Edmwnd, Neddie, Eumann, Edmundo, ..], Jasper [Gaspar, Gasper, Jaspar, Jesper, Kacper], Jeb, Lebrun [Labron, Labrun, Lebron], Livingston [Livingsten, Livingstin, Livingstone], Rhydderch, Sable, Sorrell [Sorel, Sorrel], Umber [Umbro]