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Gabriel - Titus

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Gabriel 1 .. .. Michael named in the canonical Scriptures .. A name used for both boys and girls. Gabriel is a familiar (Top 18%) male name, appearing commonly (Top 2%) as a last name in the US Census. The variation Gabe is prevalent as a variant form of Gabriel. [Gab, Gabbi, Gabe, Gabrian, Gabriello, .. 14 more]

Michael 2 .. .. personal names in the canonical Bible .. Gender-neutral name. Michael is a commonly occurring (Top 1%) masculine name, occurring frequently (Top 1%) as a last name according to the US Census. The forms Mykel, Miquel, Miguel and Micheal are common as versions of the name. [Maik, Micael, Michaelangelo, Michale, Michel, .. 46 more]

Titus 3 .. .. Paul wrote the canonical letter Titus .. The name Titus has risen in popularity as a given name over time. See also Vitus. [Tito, .. 1 more]

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[Gabriel - Titus]
Gabriel [Gay, Gaby, Gavril, Jibril, Gavrel, Jabril, Gavrilo, Gavriel, ..], Michael [Myke, Mitch, Mykal, Mykel, Mykell, Mychal, Mychael, Mitchell, ..], Titus [Tito, Titos]