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Captain Names

6 Captain names and what they mean, for captain for baby boys, listing 1-6. Michael is a commonly used name, while Ahab, Bligh, Kidd, Nemo and Skip are rare in comparison.

Ahab .. Literary: the mad sea captain in Herman Melville's novel "Moby Dick".

Bligh .. Related to Bliss and Blythe, but due to the fame of English sea captain William Bligh, whose crew on the HMS Bounty mutinied in 1789, it has taken on connotations of severity, even tyranny ..

Kidd .. Pirate Captain William Kidd.

Michael .. In the Middle Ages, Michael was regarded as captain of the heavenly host and patron of soldiers ..
[Maik, Makai, Meical, Micael, Mical, .. 46 more]

Nemo .. Literary name: the captain in Jules Verne's adventure novel "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea".

Skip .. As in "skipper", the term for the captain of a ship or boat ..
[Skipp, Skipper]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Captain names: Michael

Featured categories: admiral, astronaut, bailiff, colonel, command, commander, detective, director, engineer, executive, governor, lead, master, officer, pipes, ruler.

Horace .. British Admiral Horatio Nelson ..
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Mosaed .. "Samaritan, helper, aide."

Alan .. Astronaut Alan Shepard ..
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Orville .. Inventor/aviator Orville Wright.
[Orv, Orval, Orvell, Orvelle, Orvil]

Bailey .. "Bailiff." .. Occupational name: in the Middle Ages, a bailiff was a minor official of the law.
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Bowie .. Colonel James Bowie, scout and originator of the knife that bears his name ..
[Bow, Bowen]

Agilan .. "Man who commands everything."

Galt .. May also be from the Old German word that gives us Walter "commander of the army".

Bowie .. Former baseball commissioner Bowie Kuhn.
[Bow, Bowen]

Cuba Place name: the largest island in the West Indies, since 1959 a Communist country under the control of Fidel Castro ..

Campion .. A fictional detective, Albert Campion, features in the popular murder mysteries of Margery Allingham.

Alfred .. Movie director Alfred Hitchcock.
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Casey .. Made famous by the song about the engineer of the Cannonball Express train, Casey Jones ..
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Banner .. "Ensign bearer." ..


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