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Eskel - Torquil

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Eskel 1 .. Stems fr. Old Norse language. "Divine cauldron." Rare. Eskel, Askel, like Hanniel, Asael, use the popular masculine -el ending. .. refers to a cauldron used for .. [Askel, .. 2 more]

Kettil 2 .. From Swedish. "Cauldron." Unconventional, but Kettil, Ketil are comparable to popular -til last names Latil (upper 92%), Kutil (49%). Cauldrons were used for sacrifices in .. [Keld, .. 3 more]

Torquil 3 .. .. referring to a cauldron used in .. Uncommon, but Torquil is similar to common -il surnames Voskuil (upper 42%), Aquil (56%). [Thirkell, Torkel, .. 2 more]

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Eskel - Torquil
Eskel [Eskil, Askel, Askell], Kettil [Keld, Kjeld, Ketil, Ketti], Torquil [Torkel, Torkill, Thorkel, Thirkell]