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Celtic baby names and what they mean, with 31 results. These Celtic names are appealing to parents nowadays, though pronunciations can be tricky. Adoption of these boy names was at its highest in the 1970s (USAGE OF 2.4%) and is now significantly less (USAGE 0.8%, 67%), with names like Gus becoming somewhat outmoded. Tristan (#101) is the most trendy boy name among these, while Annin (TOP 58%) and Ohearn (7%) are familiar last names.

Celtic names

Aengus - Gavin | Gus - Tristan

Aengus - Gavin

"One choice." Unusual, but Aengus is comparable to common last names Ashmus (TOP 99%), Alexius (86%), with the -us suffix. See also Aonghus. Irish Gaelic form of Angus.

"Horse-lord." Aheain and Ahear are creative forms.

"White; rock, crag." Albion is an unconventional men's name, existing often (upper 89%) as a surname. .. sea, or from the Celtic "alp" ..

AngusAngus, var. Aengus2
"One choice." Aengus, Angie and Anngus are more novel as forms of Angus. .. Celtic mythology: Angus Og is a ..

"From the brook." Afnan is a moderately common boys' name. See also Amnon.

"Loved one." Rare as birth names, but Anwel, Anwell, etc. are similar to the more common Ansel.

"One choice." Aonghas and Aonghus are uncommon as boys' names. Modern Scottish Gaelic form and source ..

.. include artos, the Celtic word for .. Common, with usage of 0.065% for Arthur as a children's name in 2015, higher than 0.06% the year before.

"River." Avon is a rarely used first name, occurring commonly (upper 31%) as a last name. See also Yvon. In Welsh, "afon" ..

"Prince." Used frequently as birth names, Brendan, Bren, etc. sound like the familiar Brenton. From the old Irish personal name ..

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Celtic names: Albion, Angus, Arthur, Avon, Brendan

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Celtic names: Brent, Brian, Brock, Calder, Gareth, Gavin

"Hill, mount." Brentley is a trendy version. Transferred use of the surname ..

"High, noble." Usage of Brian as a birth name has dwindled since the 1970s. Could also mean "strength" ..

"Badger-like." Popular as baby names, Brock, Brok, etc. are comparable to the familiar Bruce. Transferred use of the surname.

"Stream." Unconventional, with usage of 0.004% for Calder and Caulder as boys' names in 2015, lower than 0.005% the year before. Geographical name based on rivulets in ..

"Battle rule." Cal was a Top birth name in 2015. Name of a seventh century saint ..

"Strong wolf." Usage of Connell and forms was well-received among parents 65 years ago. Also possibly from a Gaelic phrase ..

"Dark stranger." Dougal, Dougall, Dugal, Dugald and Dugall are more unconventional as forms.

Surname. Unique. Drummond (cf. Diamond) ends with the unusual androgynous -ond.

"Gentle." A conventional baby name. Sir Gareth, noted for his modesty ..

"White hawk." Gavin, Gavan, Gaven and Gavyn are generally used as forms. Scottish form of the medieval name ..

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for Celtic names for boys.

1. Aengus - Gavin
Aengus, Ahearn, Albion, Angus [Gus, Aengus], Annan, Anwell, Aonghas, Arthur, Avon, Brendan, Brent, Brian, Brock, Calder, Cathal, Conall, Dougal, Drummond, Gareth, Gavin

Gus, Kimball, Kincaid, Moore, Murrow, Pembroke, Rankin, Reis, Tavis, Tremain, Tristan

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