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Christmas Names

11 Christmas names and what they mean, for christmas for baby boys, listing 1-11. Here is the list of Christmas names for girls.

Christmas Name of the holiday (meaning "Christ festival") used occasionally through the 19th century for Dec ..

Ebenezer .. Literary: Ebenezer Scrooge is a character in Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol".
[Eb, Ebbaneza, Ebbie, Eben, Ebeneezer, .. 5 more]

Epifanio .. The English term is "epiphany", and in the Catholic calendar, it is the season that follows Christmas.
[Epefano, Epefanio, Epephanio, Epifan, Epifano, .. 1 more]

Moore .. Clement Clarke Moore was the author of the much-loved poem "'Twas the night before Christmas".

Natal .. Refers to the birthday of Jesus, or Christmas .. Also a place name for a province in South Africa, which was named Natal because explorer Vasco da Gama first spotted the shore on Christmas Day in 1497.
[Natale, Natalino, Natalio, Nataly]

Noel .. (French) "Christmas." ..
[Nata, Natal, Natale, Nowel, Nowell]

Tannon Invented name, possibly based on Tanner or on Shannon, or on "tanne", the German term for "fir tree", as in the famous Christmas carol, "O Tannenbaum".
[Tannan, Tannen, Tannin, Tansen, Tanson]

Timothy .. 19th-century novelist Charles Dickens gave the name an lasting association in his beloved work "A Christmas Carol" ..
[Tim, Timmo, Timmy, Timmothy, Timo, .. 14 more]

Waite .. Christmas carolers were known as "waits" because the custom of singing carols started with bands of watchmen who would sing tunes as the night passed ..
[Waights, Waits, Wayte]

Wenceslaus .. The name was made famous by the famous Christmas carol written in the 19th century ..
[Venceslao, Vlacheslav, Vyachaslav, Vyacheslav, Wenceslas, .. 3 more]

Yule .. Now used to mean Christmas.
[Euell, Ewell]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Christmas names: Epifanio, Noel, Timothy

Noel and Timothy are commonly used names, while Christmas, Ebenezer, Epifanio, Moore, Natal, Tannon, Waite, Wenceslaus and Yule are rare in comparison. (2000 U.S. Census)

Candelario .. Refers to the Catholic feast of Candlemas, February 2 ..
[Candelareo, Candelaro, Candelerio, Candelero]

Pascal .. (Latin) "Easter child." The Latin source derives from the Hebrew word for "Passover", the name of the springtime Jewish observance equivalent to the Christian celebration of Easter ..
[Pascale, Pascalle, Paschal, Paschalis, Pascoe, .. 4 more]

Blythe .. Made famous by the opening lines of Shelley's poem "To a Skylark", "Hail to thee, blithe spirit!" and Noel Coward's play "Blithe Spirit".
[Bligh, Blithe]


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