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Christmas names and what they mean, for christmas, holiday for men. Here is the list of Christmas names for girls. Adoption of these boy names was at its most widespread during the years 1970-1979 (usage of 0.1295%) and is almost as widespread today (usage 0.1161%, down 10.3%). Noel (#356) and Timothy (#135) are two of the more chic birth names in this list, with Timothy going through a resurgence in usage.

Christmas - Yule

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Christmas 1 Name of the holiday meaning Christ .. Christmas, like Chammas, Titmas, is a common surname with the -mas ending. [Noel]

Ebenezer 2 .. .. in Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol". Ebenezer, like the similar Em, exists more often as a surname. [Eb, Eben, Ebeneezer, Ebenezar, .. 6 more]

Epifanio 3 .. .. is the season that follows Christmas. Epefanio, Epefano, Epephanio, Epifan and Epifano are more unusual as versions of Epifanio. [Epefano, .. 5 more]

Holiday 4 .. "Holy day." Holiday and Holliday were not Top birth names in 2014. [Holliday]

Moore 5 .. .. poem "'Twas the night before Christmas". Moore (Top 1%) and More (5%) appear regularly as surnames. [More]

Natal 6 .. .. the birthday of Jesus, or Christmas .. Natale (Upper 4%), Natal (8%) and Natalino (68%) appear regularly as surnames. [Natale, Nataly, .. 2 more]

Noel 7 .. Origin fr. French element. "Christmas." Nowel and forms rose in popularity during 1970-1979 and are almost as popular now. Used since the Middle Ages .. [Nata, Nowell, .. 3 more]

Pesach 8 .. .. name for the holiday of Passover .. Uncommon. Compare Pesach, Pessach, and common surnames Persch, Pearch, which also begin with Pe-. [Pessach]

Tannon 9 .. in the famous Christmas carol, O .. Tannan and variants are hardly found as men's names, and Tannen exists regularly (Upper 43%) as a surname. [Tannan, .. 4 more]

Timothy 10 .. .. his beloved work "A Christmas Carol" .. Listed in Top 1000. [Tim, Timmy, Timofei, Timon, Tymmothy, .. 14 more]

Waite 11 .. Christmas carolers were known as "waits" .. Waite, Waights, Waits and Wayte are rarely used as birth names. [Waights, .. 2 more]

Wenceslaus 12 .. .. by the famous Christmas carol written .. Unique. Wenceslaus (cmp. Nicolaus, Leondaus) ends with the popular masculine-sounding -aus. [Venceslao, .. 7 more]

Yule 13 .. .. Now used to mean Christmas. Ewell (Top 4%), Yule (14%) and Euell (37%) are found frequently as last names. [Euell, Ewell]

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Christmas [1], Ebenezer [10], Epifanio [6], Holiday [1], Moore [1], Natal [4], Noel [5], Pesach [1], Tannon [5], Timothy [19], Waite [3], Wenceslaus [8], Yule [2]