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City Names

(See: Town Names)

Page 1/4. 70 City names and what they mean, for city for baby boys, listing 1-20. Here is the list of City names for girls.

Alban .. From the Latin name Albanus, which may be an ethnic name from a city in the Roman Empire called Alba "white", or it may represent a Latin form of a British name derived from the Celtic word "alp" for "rock, crag" ..
[Al, Albain, Alban, Albano, Albany, .. 13 more]

Amarillo .. Place name: a city in Texas ..

Antioco .. Antioch is a city in what is now Turkey that was a center of Christianity from around 300 AD until the 18th century.
[Antioch, Antiochos, Antiochus]

Ashur .. In Assyrian, the name Ashur refers to the Assyrian warrior god, the people and their first major city ..

Bailey .. (Old English) "City fortification." ..
[Bail, Bailee, Baileigh, Bailie, Baillee, .. 6 more]

Barry .. Saint Bairre (seventh century) founded a monastery that became the city of Cork in Ireland ..
[Bari, Barree, Barrey, Barrie, Barrington, .. 4 more]

Bergen .. Bergen is a major port city in Norway.
[Bergin, Birgin]

Boston .. American use likely refers to the historic city on the Atlantic that is home to many institutions of higher learning.

Bristol .. Place name: an ancient and important city in England, with one of the most important ports on the west coast ..

Cadmus .. Greek mythology: Cadmus is the founder of the city of Thebes, who ultimately turned into a serpent ..
[Cadmar, Cadmo, Cadmos, Cadmuss, Kadmos, .. 1 more]

Carlyle .. Also the name of a very old city in northwest England ..
[Carley, Carlile, Carlisle, Carly]

Carson .. Carson City, Nevada was named for him, and to this day, an aura of rakishness and daring clings to the name ..
[Carsan, Carsen, Cason, Karson, Kason]

Cheyenne .. The capital city of Wyoming is Cheyenne.
[Chayan, Chayann, Shayan, Shayanne]

Cimarron Place name: a city in western Kansas and a river that runs 650 miles across the Great Plains from New Mexico to Oklahoma ..
[Cimeron, Simarron, Simeron]

Clinton .. An illustrious 18th-century governor of New York, De Witt Clinton, left his name on many New York City locations ..
[Clint, Clintt, Klint]

Concord .. A Puritan virtue name and also a place name: the capital city of New Hampshire and the small town northwest of Boston linked with the American Revolution and later home to a bevy of 19th-century literary figures.

Cork .. A seaport, city, and country in Ireland.

Cosmo .. Saint Cosmos, a martyr, was patron saint of the Italian city of Milan, and the name was further spread there by the fame of Cosimo de' Medici, Grand Duke of Tuscany and one of the chief patrons of the Italian Renaissance ..
[Cosimo, Cosme, Kosmo]

Dallas .. Also the name of the Texas city.
[Dal, Dalles, Dallis, Delles]

Damaskenos .. Damascus is an ancient city in what is now Syria.
[Damascus, Damaskinos]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of City names: Bailey, Barry, Boston, Carlyle, Carson, Clinton, Dallas

Barry, Carson, Clinton and Dallas are commonly used names, while Alban, Amarillo, Antioco, Ashur, Bailey, Bergen, Boston, Bristol, Cadmus, Carlyle, Cheyenne, Cimarron, Concord, Cork, Cosmo and Damaskenos are rare in comparison. (2000 U.S. Census)

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