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Civil baby names and what they mean, for civil, revolutionary, confederate, patriot, with 47 results. Adoption of these boy names reached its most widespread 105 years ago (ADOPTION OF 5.19%) and is somewhat lower today (ADOPTION 3.03%, 42%), with names like Joseph becoming less in vogue. Davis (#474), Ethan (#6), Jackson (#17) and Shiloh (#894) are four of the more trendy names for newborns among these, while Boliver (TOP 32%) and Cha (3%) are popular surnames.

Civil names

Ambrose - Hooker | Jackson - Shiloh | Tandie - Wolfe

Ambrose - Hooker

.. Civil War General Ambrose E. Burnside. Common as surnames, and Ambrose (TOP 1%), Ambroise (21%), Brose (10%) are similar to popular -se last names Amelse (TOP 77%), Amorose (53%). [Emrys, Ambroz, Ambros, Ambrogio, Ambroggio, Ambroeus, .. 12 more]

.. of three prominent Confederate generals, Pierre .. Popular, with usage of 0.104% for Beauregard and Beau as birth names in 2015, higher than 0.085% in 2014. [Beau]

The revolutionary Simon Bolivar (19th century) .. Bolivar, Bolevar and Bollivar were not Top birth names in 2015. [Bollivar, .. 1 more]

.. and after the American Civil War .. Buell and Buel are familiar as variations. [Buhler, Buhl, .. 2 more]

Latin American revolutionary Che Guevara. Less widespread today. Che last appeared in the 1980s in the Top 2000.

.. the largest stockholder in Western Union. Cornell is a commonly occurring (upper 64%) first name, whereas Cornall, Cornel and Corney are sparsely used. [Corney, Cornall, .. 1 more]

.. general in the revolutionary War George .. Not Top 2000 name.

.. Confederate President Jefferson Davis; actor Brad .. Usage of Davis and variants as birth names in 2015 was 23.9% less than 2005. [Dayton, Dayson, Davy, Davison, Davidson, .. 3 more]

.. Confederate General Jubal Early. A slightly offbeat baby name, Early occurs more commonly as a last name. [Erly, Erlie, .. 2 more]

.. African American civil rights activist Eldridge .. Eldridge is commonplace as a version. [Eldrige, Eldrege, .. 3 more]

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Civil names: Ambrose, Beauregard, Buell, Che, Cornell

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Civil names: Davis, Early, Eldridge, Emmet, Ethan

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Civil names: Forest, Gage, Hale, Hampton, Harlan

.. 19th century Irish patriot Robert Emmet .. Emmett (top 41%) and Emmitt (87%) are commonly occurring as masculine names, whereas Emmet, Emmit, Emmot and Emmott are uncommonly used. [Emmott, Emmett, .. 3 more]

.. was a famous Revolutionary War leader .. Ethan, Eitan and Ethen are Top 2000 baby names. [Ethen, .. 3 more]

.. for hard charging Confederate General Nathan .. Forrest (upper 33%), Forest (67%) and Foster (76%) are commonly occurring as first names, whereas Forester, Forrester and Forster are uncommonly used. [Foster, Forster, Forrester, .. 2 more]

.. the outbreak of the Revolutionary War. A highly familiar boys' name (#242 IN CURRENT LIST), Gage is also found conventionally as a surname. [Gauge, .. 1 more]

.. the medieval Welsh patriot Owain Glyndwr. Glendower, Glyndwer, etc. are seldom found as first names, and Glynn exists frequently (top 2%) as a last name. [Glyndwer, Glyn, Glendower, .. 2 more]

.. Hale was a Revolutionary War hero .. Adoption of Hayle and forms was well-received among parents in the 1920s. [Hayle]

.. soldier in the Revolutionary War and .. Hampton is commonplace as a form. [Hampten]

Bostonian patriot John Hancock was the .. Not in Top 2000. [Handcock]

.. 1911, a defender of civil rights. Harlyn and forms peaked in popularity a century ago and have become less common. [Harlynn, .. 5 more]

.. Union general in the Civil War. Not Top 2000 name. See also Hooper.

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Summary Index of Civil names [and variants] for boys.

1. Ambrose - Hooker
Ambrose [Amby, Brose, Emrys, Ambroz, Ambrus, Ambrossij, ..], Beauregard [Beau], Bolivar [Bolevar, Bollivar], Buell [Buel, Buhl, Buhler, Bueller], Che, Cornell [Corney, Cornel, Cornall], Cornwallis, Davis [Davy, Davies, Dayson, Daviss, Dayton, Davison, ..], Early [Erly, Erlie, Earley, Earlie], Eldridge [Eldrege, Eldrige, Eldrich, Eldrick, Eldredge], Emmet [Emmit, Emmot, Emmett, Emmitt, Emmott], Ethan [Etan, Aitan, Eitan, Ethen], Forest [Foster, Forrest, Forster, Forester, Forrester], Gage [Gaige, Gauge], Glyndwr [Glin, Glyn, Glynn, Glyndwer, Glendower], Hale [Hayle], Hampton [Hampten], Hancock [Handcock], Harlan [Harlen, Harlin, Harlyn, Harland, Harlenn, Harlynn], Hooker

Jackson [Jax, Jaxen, Jaxon, Jacson, Jakson, Jaxson, ..], Jeb, Joseph [Yusif, Yusuf, Yusup, Yousef, Yussuf, Yuszef, ..], Jubal, Lafayette, Lander [Land, Landis, Landor, Landry, Landiss, Landers], Lee [Lea, Leigh], Luther [Lothar, Lutero, Lothair, Louther, Lotario, Lothario], Manasseh [Manases, Menashi, Manasio, Menashe, Manassas], Marcus [Marco, Marcas, Markos, Markus], Marion [Mariano], Martin [Marty, Martyn, Marton, Morten, Martinos, Martinus, ..], Mead [Meed, Meade], Nathan [Nat, Nate, Natan, Nathen, Nathon], Paul [Pol, Poll, Poul, Pavlo, Pawel, Pavlik, ..], Quintrell [Quantrell, Quentrell], Reno, Sheridan [Sheredan, Sheridon, Sherridan], Sherman [Shermon, Scherman, Shearman, Shermann, Schermann], Shiloh [Shilo, Shylo, Shyloh]

Tandie [Tandy, Tandey], Tecumseh, Ulysses [Ulises, Ulisse], Wade [Wayde, Wadell, Waddell, Waydell], Wallace [Wally, Welsh, Walsh, Welch, Wallie, Wallis, ..], Winfield [Wynfield, Winnfield, Wynnsfield], Wolfe [Wolf, Wulf, Wolff, Woolf, Wulfe, Wolfhart]

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