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Clark - Newman

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Clark 1 .. Stems fr. Latin language. "Cleric, clerk." The name Clark has gained in popularity over time. See also Claro. Occupational name and surname used as .. [Clarke, .. 2 more]

Desmond 2 .. .. South African cleric and activist Bishop .. A very common given name for baby boys (#329 a year ago) which also exists frequently as a last name. See also Demond. [Des, .. 2 more]

Newman 3 .. .. fame of reforming cleric John Henry .. A somewhat uncommon name for children, Newman exists more commonly as a surname. See also Naman. [Neuman, Neumann, .. 2 more]

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[Clark - Newman]
Clark [Clerk, Clerc, Clarke], Desmond [Des, Desmund, Dezmond], Newman [Newsy, Neuman, Newmann, Neumann]