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Algernon - Timothy

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Algernon 1 .. .. de Percy, a companion of William .. Algernon, like Bernon, Arnon, is a common surname with the -non suffix. [Al, Algey, .. 6 more]

Arjuna 2 .. .. of the legendary companion of Krishna .. Arjuna and Arjun became more popular in 2014, rising +48 positions as birth names with Arjun gaining the most. [Arjun]

Barnabas 3 .. .. first century missionary companion of Paul .. Barney is familiar as a variation of Barnabas. [Barna, Barnaba, Barnabe, Barnebas, Barnebus, Barnie, Barny, Bernabe, Burnaby, .. 8 more]

Cal 4 .. .. to man's faithful companion, the dog .. Less widespread today. Cal was last listed in 1890-1899 in the Top 1000. Unisex name.

Caleb 5 .. Caleb, a companion of Moses and .. Adoption of Caleb and variants as baby names in 2014 was down 12.1% compared to 10 years ago. [Cal, Cale, .. 4 more]

Corwin 6 .. Source fr. Gaelic, Old English elements. "Heart's friend or companion." Corwin, like the similar Corin, exists more often as a surname. [Corwan, Corwinn, Corwyn, Corwynn]

Demas 7 A companion who forsook Paul. May .. Unusual. Demas (cmp. Cleophas, Pincas) ends with the familiar masculine -as. [Dimas]

Kaden 8 .. Stems fr. Arabic. "Companion." Popular last names. Compare Kaydin, var., and surnames Kadel, Katen, with the Ka- prefix. Also possibly refers to a swamp .. [Caden, Caidan, Caiden, Kaiden, Kaidon, .. 15 more]

Kaleb 9 .. .. name for a companion of Moses .. Kaleb and Caleb are in the Top 1000. [Caleb, .. 2 more]

Linus 10 .. A Christian companion to Paul in .. Popular last names. Compare Linus, and last names Panus, Yanus, which also end with -nus. [Lino, .. 1 more]

Mark 11 .. .. John Mark, missionary companion to Peter .. Prominent. Mark, like Kirk, Birk, ends with the favored masculine-sounding -rk. [Marc, Marius, Marko, .. 15 more]

Methodios 12 .. Based on Greek word. "Companion traveler." Unconventional. Compare Methodios, and popular last names Remedios, Dedios, with the -ios ending. Saint Methodius was the first to .. [Methodius]

Silas 13 .. .. was a missionary companion to Paul .. Silas, Silvio, Sylas and Sylvan are popular as forms. [Silvan, .. 6 more]

Squire 14 .. Root fr. Middle English. "Knight's companion." Squire has declined in popularity as a boys' name since the 1880s. Occupational name .. [Squier, Squiers, Squires, Squyre, Squyres]

Timothy 15 .. .. who was a companion of Saint .. Listed in Top 1000. [Tim, Timmy, Timotheo, Tymmothy, .. 15 more]

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[Algernon - Timothy]
Algernon [8], Arjuna [1], Barnabas [17], Cal, Caleb [6], Corwin [4], Demas [1], Kaden [20], Kaleb [3], Linus [2], Mark [18], Methodios [1], Silas [7], Squire [5], Timothy [19]