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Companion Names

14 Companion names and what they mean, for companion for baby boys, listing 1-14. Caleb, Mark, Silas and Timothy are commonly used names, while Algernon, Arjuna, Barnabas, Cal, Corwin, Demas, Kaden, Linus, Methodios and Squire are rare in comparison.

Algernon .. The Normans were usually clean-shaven, and this was a nickname for William de Percy, a companion of William the Conqueror ..
[Al, Alger, Algernone, Algey, Algie, .. 3 more]

Arjuna .. Name of the legendary companion of Krishna in the "Bhagavad Gita".

Barnabas .. Biblical: Saint Barnabas was a first-century missionary companion of Paul and uncle of the gospeler Mark ..
[Barna, Barnaba, Barnabe, Barnabee, Barnabey, .. 12 more]

Cal .. The Hebrew source probably refers to man's faithful companion, the dog (see Caleb) ..

Caleb .. Biblical: Caleb, a companion of Moses and Joshua, was noted for his astute powers of observation and fearlessness in the face of overwhelming odds ..
[Cal, Cale, Cayleb, Kaleb, Kayleb, .. 1 more]

Corwin .. "Heart's friend or companion."
[Corwan, Corwinn, Corwyn, Corwynn]

Demas Biblical: a companion who forsook Paul ..

Kaden .. "Companion." ..
[Caden, Caidan, Caiden, Caidin, Caidon, .. 15 more]

Linus .. Biblical: a Christian companion to Paul in Rome ..
[Lino, Linos]

Mark .. Biblical: the Roman surname of John Mark, missionary companion to Peter and Paul and writer of one of the four Gospel accounts of the life of Jesus ..
[Marc, Marco, Marcos, Marcus, Marek, .. 12 more]

Methodios .. "Companion traveler." ..

Silas .. Biblical: Silas was a missionary companion to Paul and Timothy ..
[Silvan, Silvano, Silvaon, Silvanus, Silvio, .. 2 more]

Squire .. "Knight's companion." ..
[Squier, Squiers, Squires, Squyre, Squyres]

Timothy .. Biblical: Timothy was an energetic, well-trained young Christian who was a companion of Saint Paul, who wrote to him, "Let no man look down on your youth" ..
[Tim, Timmo, Timmy, Timmothy, Timo, .. 14 more]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Companion names: Cal, Caleb, Kaden, Linus, Mark, Silas, Squire, Timothy

Featured categories: attendant, beam, bear, board, bow, bring, company, conductor, confederate, consort, guard, guide, island, knight, model, port, portrait, post, sidekick, stern, twin, wheel.

Bayard .. Seigneur de Bayard, "the irreproachable and fearless", was a 16th-century French knight and national hero renowned for his valor and purity of heart .. In French medieval romance, Bayard (or Baiardo, or Bajardo) is a magical horse given to the hero Rinaldo .. In America, three generations of Bayards were Senators from Delaware in the 18th and 19th centuries.
[Baiardo, Bajardo, Bay, Baylen]

Ritter .. Actor John Ritter.

Sheldon .. Author Sidney Sheldon.
[Shelden, Sheldin]

Ace .. Connotations of superiority come from the fact that ace is the playing card with highest face value .. The term "flying ace" goes back to World War I when planes were both novel and hazardous.
[Acee, Acer, Acey, Acie]

Dakota .. "Friend, ally." ..
[Daccota, Dakoda, Dakodah, Dakotah, Dakoeta, .. 3 more]

Blandino .. "Amiable."


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