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Counsel names and what they mean, for counsel, help, teacher, helper, guide, counselor, consolation, support, advice, comforter, advisor for males. Here is the list of Counsel names for girls. Adoption of these boy names reached its most widespread in the year 1993 (usage of 0.1689%) and is almost as widespread today (usage 0.1362%, down 19.3%), but with names like Kody, Ralph, Ramiro, Reginald and Ronald becoming somewhat outmoded. The most trendy boy names in this list are Avery (#186), Ezra (#119), Josiah (#64), Nehemiah (#359) and Noah (#1), with Avery, Ezra, Josiah and Noah having a rekindling in usage.

Albert - Camilo

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Albert 1 .. .. for his enthusiastic support of the application .. Albert, Alberto, Albertus (cf. Albee, Albeck) are popular Albe- prefix surnames. [Abert, Adalbert, Adalberto, Adelbrecht, Albertus, Alvert, .. 22 more]

Aldred 2 .. From Old English element. "Old counsel." Somewhat frequently used as birth names, Aldred, Eldrid, etc. are similar to the familiar Alfred. [Alldred, .. 4 more]

Alfred 3 .. Source fr. Old English. "Elf or magical counsel." Usage of Alfred and variants as birth names in 2014 was 28.6% more than the previous decade. A rather common name before the .. [Ahlfred, Ailfryd, Alfeo, Alfie, Alfrey, Alfredo, Alfredos, Fred, Freddie, Freddy, .. 11 more]

Ammon 4 .. Based on Hebrew word. "Teacher, builder." Amnon and Amon are more rare as variations of Ammon. Biblical .. [Amon, Amnon]

Avery 5 .. Source fr. Old English. "Elf or magical counsel." Avery and forms rose in popularity in 2014. Transferred use of the surname, which .. [Averey, .. 1 more]

Azriel 6 .. From Hebrew language. "God is my help." Uncommon, but Azriel is similar to common surnames Priel (top 87%), Gabriel (1%), which also end with -riel. [Azreel, .. 1 more]

Balfour 7 .. .. declaration of British support for its .. Balfour, Balfor, etc. were not Top birth names in 2014. [Balfer, Balfor, Balfore, .. 1 more]

Barnabas 8 .. Based on Greek, Aramaic elements. "Son of consolation." Unique. Barnabas, Barnebas (cf. Costas, Ras) use the familiar masculine-sounding -as suffix. Greek form of an Aramaic name .. [Barna, Barnabe, Barnabee, Barnabus, Barnaby, .. 12 more]

Bonaventure 9 .. .. was known as "the Seraphic Teacher". Outside Top 1000. [Bonaventura, .. 1 more]

Camilo 10 .. Stems fr. Latin language. "Helper to the priest." Camillo and variants peaked in popularity in 2012 and are almost as popular now. Masculine form of Camilla .. [Camillo, .. 2 more]

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Summary of Counsel names (and variants) for boys.

Albert - Camilo
Albert [Elbrecht, Ulbricht, ..], Aldred [Eldrid, Elldred, ..], Alfred [Fredo, Freddy, ..], Ammon [Amon, Amnon], Avery [Avry, Averey], Azriel [Azreel, Azryel], Balfour [Balfore, Ballfour, ..], Barnabas [Bernabe, Burnaby, ..], Bonaventure [Bonaventura, Bueaventura], Camilo [Comillo, Camillus]

Carson - Finnian
Carson [Kason, Karson, ..], Chantrey [Chantry], Chaplin [Chaplinn, Chappelin], Cody [Kody, Codie, ..], Conrad [Kort, Kurt, ..], Conroy, Consuel [Consuelo], Council [Counsel], Cree, Ebenezer [Eveneser, Evenezer, ..], Edred, Eldred [Aldred, Eldrid], Eleazar [Ely, Eliezer, ..], Elrad [Elrod, Ellrod], Emmet [Emmot, Emmott, ..], Ethelred [Aethelred], Ezer [Ezar, Ezri], Ezra [Ezri, Ezrah, ..], Faraji, Finnian [Phinean, Phinian, ..]

Gallagher - Moriel
Gallagher, Gamaliel [Gmali, Gamliel], Guy [Guido], Hadi, Imad, Jabir, Joshua [Jozua, Yehoshua, ..], Josiah [Josias, Joziah], Kaniel, Kemuel, Kody [Kodi, Kodie], Konrad [Kort, Knoz], Kort, Kurt [Kort], Lazarus [Lazer, Lazzaro, ..], Meinrad, Menachem [Nahum, Nachum, ..], Mentor, Modred [Moordred], Moriel [Mori]

Mosaed - Saahdia
Mosaed, Nachman [Nahum, Nachmann, ..], Naldo, Nehemiah [Nechemya, Nechemiah], Nestor [Nestore, Nestorio, ..], Noah [Noe, Norrie, ..], Osred, Plato [Platon], Quinn [Quinlan, Quinnell], Rafe [Rafer], Rainart [Renke, Reinhart, ..], Ralph [Rolf, Rolph, ..], Ramiro [Ramirez], Raoul [Roul, Rowl], Redman, Reginald [Ronald, Rinaldo, ..], Remedio, Reynold [Rinaldo, Reynolds, ..], Ronald [Ronny, Ronnie, ..], Saahdia [Saadya, Seadya]

Sanford - Tancred
Sanford [Sandford, Sandfurd], Socorro, Tancred [Tancredi, Tancredo]