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Alistair - Brazil

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Alistair 1 .. .. three medieval kings of the country .. Unusual as a birth name. See also Alistar. [Alastair, Alastor, Alisdair, Alister, Aly, .. 3 more]

Ammon 2 .. .. name for a country northeast of .. Ammon is unique as a men's name, and it occurs regularly (Top 17%) as a surname according to the US Census. See also Aymon. [Amon, Amnon]

Argento 3 .. The country of Argentina is named .. Atypical as a birth name for boys, Argento occurs more often as a surname. See also Arsenio. [Argentio, Argentino]

Bill 4 .. .. Country-western singer Billy Ray Cyrus; singer .. Bill is commonly occurring (Top 13%) as a male name, and it appears frequently (Top 7%) as a last name according to the US Census. See also Bale. [Billie, Byll, .. 1 more]

Brazil 5 .. of the largest country in South .. Unusual as a baby name, occurring more commonly as a last name. [Brasil]

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[Alistair - Brazil]
Alistair [Aly, Alister, Alisdair, Allister, Aleister, Alistaire, ..], Ammon [Amon, Amnon], Argento [Argentio, Argentino], Bill [Byll, Billy, Billie], Brazil [Brasil]

[Brian - Hale]
Brian [Brye, Bryon, Bryen, Bryent, O'Brien, ..], Cork, Cuba, Dardanos [Dard, Dardanio, Dardanus, Dardanios], Eldorado, Frank [Franz, Franck, Franky, Frantz, Francke, Frankie, ..], Garfield [Gary, Garry], Garrick [Garek, Garryk, GarrIk, Garryck, Garreck], Garth, Hale [Hal, Hayle, Halen, Hallen, Haylan]

[Merle - Willie]
Merle, Monroe [Monro, Munro, Munroe], Parnell [Parnel, Parrnell], Pernell, Rhodes [Rodas, Rhoads, Rhodas], Sulayman [Sulaiman, Suleiman, Suleyman], Sutherland [Southerland], Togo, Travis [Travys, Traver, Traviss, Travers], Willie [Wil, Will, Willy]