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Cub Names

5 Cub names and what they mean, for cub for baby boys, listing 1-5.

Cuba .. Actor Cub Gooding, Jr.

Dice .. The small numbered cubes used in games.

Eden .. May also be used as a variant of Edan, or as a transferred surname derived from the given name Edun or Edon, which is of Old English origin, from ad meaning "riches" and hn meaning "bear cub" ..
[Eaden, Eadin, Edin, Ednan, Edon, .. 2 more]

Gur .. (Hebrew) "Cub, young lion."
[Guri, Guriel, Gurion, Guryon]

Quillan .. (Irish, Gaelic) "Cub."

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Cub names: Eden

Cuba, Dice, Eden, Gur and Quillan are rare names. (2000 U.S. Census)

Featured categories: calf, kid, lamb, master.

Bubba ..

Bronco .. A bronco is a horse that bucks off its rider.

Abbott .. In the 1940s and early 1950s Bud Abbott served as a straight man to short chubby comedian Lou Costello.
[Ab, Abad, Abba, Abbe, Abe, .. 6 more]

Bud .. Nickname used since medieval times, and modern slang and short form for "buddy" or "brother" .. Actor Buddy Ebsen .. Comedians Bud Abbott, and Buddy Hackett.
[Budd, Buddey, Buddie, Buddy]

Damario .. (Spanish, Greek) "Calf." ..
[Damarios, Damarius, Damaro, Damero, Demario]

Charles ..
[Carel, Carl, Carlo, Carlos, .. , Chick, .. 22 more]

Colbert ..
[Cole, Colt, Colvert, Culbert]

Comhghall .. (Irish, Gaelic) "Fellow hostage." ..

Butcher .. Also made familiar through "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" movie.

Carson .. In America, legendary Missouri frontiersman Kit Carson (19th century) was a scout and guide in the exploration of the West as well as an important factor in the Mexican War ..
[Carsan, Carsen, Cason, Karson, Kason]

Chico .. (Spanish) "Boy, lad." ..

Cordero .. (Spanish) "Lamb."

Bob .. Chess master Dob Fischer ..
[Bobbee, Bobbey, Bobbie, Bobby]

Cailean .. (Scottish, Gaelic) "Pup, whelp." ..

Orson ..
[Orsen, Orsin, Orsini, Orsino, .. , Sonny, .. 3 more]


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