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Deer Names

Page 1/2. 22 Deer names and what they mean, for deer for baby boys, listing 1-20. Buck, Devin, Hershel, Oscar, Raleigh and Roscoe are commonly used names, while Buckley, Buckminister, Darby, Darton, Dearborn, Derby, Derland, Dyer, Lockhart, Rayburn, Renton, Renwick, Roe and Rowell are rare in comparison. Here is the list of Deer names for girls.

Buck .. The word for a male goat or deer, used as a given name or nickname that denotes a robust and spirited young man ..
[Buckey, Buckie, Buckley, Bucky]

Buckley .. "Deer meadow." ..

Buckminister .. "Monastery where deer dwell." ..

Darby .. "Park with deer." ..
[Darbey, Darbie, Derby]

Darton .. "Settlement of the deer." ..

Dearborn .. "Brook of the deer." ..
[Dearbourn, Dearburne, Deerborn]

Derby .. "Park with deer." ..
[Derbey, Derbie]

Derland .. "Land with deer."

Devin .. May also possibly mean "young deer" ..
[Dev, Devinn, Devon, Devyn, Devynn]

Dyer .. Dexter refers to a female deer ..

Hershel .. "Deer." ..
[Hersch, Herschel, Herschell, Hersh, Hertzel, .. 8 more]

Lockhart .. Possibly "deer from the forest".

Oscar .. Also possibly from the Gaelic phrase "os cara", meaning "friend of the deer" ..
[Oskar, Osker, Ossie, Ozzy]

Raleigh .. "Roe deer's meadow." ..
[Ralegh, Rawleigh, Rawley, Rawly]

Rayburn .. "Roe-deer brook." ..
[Raeborn, Raeborne, Raebourn, Raeburn, Rayborn, .. 2 more]

Renton .. "Settlement of the roe deer." ..

Renwick .. "Roe deer village." ..

Roe .. "Roe deer." May have originated as an occupational name for a hunter or trapper of deers.
[Row, Rowe]

Roscoe .. "Deer wood." ..
[Rosco, Ross, Rosscoe]

Rowell .. "Roe deer well." ..

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Deer names: Buck, Darby, Devin, Hershel, Oscar, Raleigh, Rayburn, Roe, Roscoe

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