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Defender names and what they mean, for defender, guardian, protector, guard, protection, keeper, helmet, shield, protecting, protect, savior for men. Here is the list of Defender names for girls. These boy names were at the height of their popularity during the years 1910-1919 and are almost as popular today, but with names like Ramon, Randall, Alvaro, Ray and Garrison becoming somewhat dated. The most trendy baby names here are Titus (#285), Jasper (#218), Liam (#2), Zander (#246) and Kai (#177). There is a rekindling in birth name usage for Jasper.

Aegeus - Alec

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Aegeus 1 .. Origin fr. Greek element. "Protection." Unique as a birth name. .. to "aigis", a shield made of .. [Aigeos, .. 1 more]

Akiva 2 .. Source fr. Hebrew element. "Protect, shelter." A scarce given name for boys. Also used as a girls' name. Also variant of Yaakov.

Alasdair 3 .. Origin fr. Greek language. "Man's defender." A name suited for both boys and girls. Scarce as a name for kids. Scottish Gaelic form of Alexander ..

Alastair 4 .. Based on Scottish, Greek words. "Man's defender." Name applicable for both boys and girls. Alastair is a sparsely used first name. The variation Al is familiar as a variant form of the name. Scottish variant of Alistair .. [Al, Alasteir, Alastor, Alaistair, Aleister, .. 21 more]

Alec 5 .. Origin fr. English, Scottish, Greek elements. "Man's defender, warrior." Alec is a familiar (Top 76%) male name. See also Alejo. Short form of Alexander. [Alick]

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[Aegeus - Alec]
Aegeus [Aigeos, Aigeus], Akiva, Alasdair, Alastair [Alyster, Alysdair, Alystair, Alysdare, ..], Alec [Alick]

[Alejandro - Grimaldo]
Alejandro [Alejo, Alexandro, Alejandrino], Alek, Alex [Alik, Elex, Alick, Allex, ..], Alexander [Xander, Zander, Zandro, Zandros, ..], Alexis [Alexy, Alexus, Alexios, Alexius, ..], Alistair [Aly, Alister, Allister, Alistaire, ..], Alvar [Allvar, Alvaro, Alvarso, Alverio], Alvaro [Alavaro], Andreas, Ansel [Ancell, Ansell], Anselm [Anso, Elmo, Selmo, Anselmo, ..], Argus [Argos], Asim [Aseem], Aylward, Azim [Asim, Aseem, Azeem], Balthasar [Balto, Balthazar, Balthazaar, Belshazzar, ..], Branislav [Bane, Branko, Bronislaw], Busby [Busbee, Busbey, Busbie, Bussby], Carnell [Carne, Carnelle], Custodio, Diamond, Duarte [Duardo], Eamon [Eames, Eaman, Eamann, Eamonn, ..], Eder, Edmund [Ted, Odon, Teddy, Neddie, ..], Edward [Ted, Teddy, Neddie, Teddie, ..], Egmont [Egmond], Elmo [Moe], Esmond [Esmund], Fadi, Faramond [Farrimond, Farrimund, Pharamond, Pharamund], Folker [Folke, Volker, Vollker], Fremont, Friedhelm [Friedelm], Gardner [Gardie, Gardnar, Gardnard, Gardiner, ..], Garrison [Garrisson], Garron [Geron, Garran, Garrin, Garren, ..], Garth, Giles [Gyles, Jiles, Jyles, Gilliss, ..], Grimaldo [Grimaldi]

[Guillaume - Randolph]
Guillaume [Gwilym, Gwillyn, Guilherme, Guillermo, ..], Hafiz [Haphiz, Hafeez, Hapheez], Hallward [Halward, Halwerd, Hawarden], Halvard [Halver, Halvor, Halvar, Halverd, ..], Hammond, Haward [Hawarden], Hayward, Helmut [Hellmut, Hellmuth], Hilliard [Hillyer, Hillierd, Hillyard, Hillyerd], Hjalmar [Hjalmer, Hjalamar, Hjallmar], Isam, Iskander, Ismat, Janus [Janusz, Jenaro, Jennaro, Jenarius, ..], Jasper [Gasper, Jaspar, Jesper, Kacper], Kai [Kaj, Keh, Kye], Kaspar [Kasper], Kenelm [Kenhelm, Kennelm], Kennard [Kenner, Kendon, Kennaird], Kennedy [Canady, Kenedi, Kennady, Kennedey], Kenward, Ladon, Langward, Lexer [Lex, Lexo, Lexus, Lexis], Liam [Lyam], Lord, Millard [Milward, Millerd, Millward], Moses [Moss, Mozes, Mosie, Moyses, ..], Moss, Ned, Olexei [Olexi, Olexiy, Olexey, Oleksiy, ..], Onofrio [Onofre, Onofrius, Onophrio], Ormond [Ormand, Ormonde], Osman [Osmont, Osmund, Osmonde, Osmunde, ..], Parker [Parke, Parks, Parkes, Parkman], Ramon [Ramone, Rayman, Raymon], Rand, Randall [Randy, Randon, Rendall, Rendell, ..], Randi, Randolph [Randy, Ranolf, Randolf, Ranulfo, ..]

[Ranger - Zindel]
Ranger [Range, Rainger], Rankin [Rankine, Rankinn], Ransom [Ransome], Ray [Reigh, Raylen, Rayford, Raynell, ..], Raymond [Reymond, Raymunde, Raymundo, Reymundo, ..], Redmond [Radmond, Radmund, Redmund], Richmond, Rickward [Rickwerd, Rickwood], Sacha [Sasha, Sascha], Salvador [Sauveur, Salvino, Salvidor, Salvatore, ..], Sander [Xan, Sender, Xander, Zander, ..], Sandor [Sandros, Xandros], Schuyler [Skylar, Skyler, Skylor, Skuyler, ..], Seward [Sewerd, Siward], Shura [Schura, Shoura], Sigmund [Zikmund, Zygmunt, Szymond, Zsigmond, ..], Sigurd, Stoddard [Stoddart], Taverner [Tavener, Tavenner, Tavernier], Ted [Teddy, Teddie, Tedric, Tedrick, ..], Tedmund [Tedman, Tedmond], Thormond [Thurman, Thurmond, Thurmund], Thurman [Thurmon], Titus [Tito, Titos], Torquil [Torkel, Torkill, Thorkel, Thirkell], Travis [Travys, Traver, Traviss, Travers], Volker, Waite [Wayte, Waits, Waights], Warner [Werner, Wernher], Werner [Verner, Warner, Wernhar, Wernher], William [Wim, Wilmot, Wilson, Wilmott, ..], Xander [Xan, Xandro], Zander [Zan, Zann, Zandro, Zandros], Zarek, Zindel [Zindil]