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Da- - Deshawn

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Da- 1 .. .. See also De and DeShawn. Outside Top 1000. [D'Amante, Dajuan, Damar, Damario, Dashaun, Dashonn, Davaughn, .. 17 more]

De- 2 .. Combination of the De prefix with .. Widely used, with usage of 0.0135% for De- and variants as birth names in 2014, though lower than 0.0198% a year ago. [Deandre, Deloran, Delorean, Demarcos, Demario, Demarr, Demauri, Deontae, Deroyce, Deshawn, .. 29 more]

Deshawn 3 .. Modern name .. Popular. Deshawn, Dashawn, D'Shawn, like Marshawn, Shawn, use the popular masculine-sounding -hawn ending. [Dashaun, D'Shawn, Deshon, .. 4 more]

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Da- - Deshawn
Da- [Davon, Davar, Dashae, Dashaun, Dashawn, Dashonn, Dawayne, Davaughn, ..], De- [Devell, Devaun, Dewitt, Devonn, Devante, Dewayne, Devonte, Devaughn, ..], Deshawn [Desean, Deshon, Dashaun, Dashawn, Deshane, D'Shawn, Deshaun]