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Destroyer Names

3 Destroyer names related to or that mean destroyer for boys, listing Destroyer baby names 1-3. Apollo, Casimir and Kasimir are uncommon names. View Destroyer baby names below for name meanings or search Destroyer names for girls.

Apollo ... "Destroyer." ... Greek translation of the Hebrew word "abaddon", meaning "destroyer" ...
[Apollon, Apollos, Apolo]

Casimir ... "Famous destroyer (of peace)." ...
[Casimeer, Casmire, Casimiro, Casmir, Caz, ... 4 more]

Kasimir ... "Famous destroyer (of peace)." ...
[Kaz, Kazimierz, Kazimir, Kazmer]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Destroyer names: Apollo, Casimir

Related words: animal, beast, destruction, hun, shark, tiger. Partial list of 17 results related to destroyer below. Click on above related words for more results.

Breed Uncertain origin. Possibly an occupational name to do with animal breeding ...

Branislav ...
[Bane, Branko, Bronislaw]

Conan ... Made famous by Conan the Barbarian ...
[Con, Conant, Conn, Connie]

Abbas ... equivalent to referring to the king of the beasts as Leo in the English-speaking world ...
[Ab, Abba, Abbe, Abbey, Abbie, ... 1 more]

Brutus ... The name is only seldom used due to its association with the word "brute".

Coleman ... or an occupational term for a charcoal burner.

Mohawk ... Mohawk means "cannibal".

Bram ... The raven has historically stood for death and destruction ...
[Bramm, Bran, Brann]

Atli ... or a variant of Attila king of the Huns.

Mano ... "Shark." ...
[Manollo, Manolo]

Eldridge ... The variant Eldrick is the given name of golfer Tiger Woods ...
[Eldredge, Eldrege, Eldrich, Eldrick, Eldrige]


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