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Doctor Names

7 Doctor names and what they mean, for doctor for baby boys, listing 1-7. Asa, Cyrus and Luke are commonly used names, while Caduceus, Tabib, Welby and Wistar are rare in comparison. Here is the list of Doctor names for girls.

Asa .. "Doctor, healer." ..

Caduceus .. Because Hermes was the patron of doctors, it has become the symbol for medicine.

Cyrus .. Also the name of a fourth-century saint, a doctor in Alexandria ..
[Ciro, Cy]

Luke .. Biblical: a first-century Christian, called "the beloved physician" and is patron saint of doctors and artists, who wrote one of the four Gospel accounts of the life of Christ ..
[Loukas, Luc, Lucas, Lucian, Lucien, .. 6 more]

Tabib .. "Doctor."

Welby .. There was a popular tv series in the 1970s about a doctor named Marcus Welby.
[Welbey, Welbie, Wellbey, Wellby]

Wistar .. Caspar Wistar was a prominent doctor in late 18th century Philadelphia, and taught at what became the University of Pennsylvannia ..

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Doctor names: Asa, Cyrus, Luke

Featured categories: cure, cut, favor, guide, guru, intellect, intellectual, master, medical, nurse, oracle, pack, philosopher, physician, plant, protect, sage, scholar, service, teacher, water.

Socorro .. "Aid, help." ..

Lord .. In modern terms, someone with power and authority ..

Bachelor ..
[Bachellor, Batcheler, Batcheller, Batchelor, Batchellor]

Mazor .. "Bandage."

Tarquin .. This event led to the downfall of the Tarquins and the change of elected consuls to rule Rome instead ..
[Tarquinius, Tarquino, Tarquinus]

Nachum .. "Comfort."
[Nahum, Nechum, Nehum]

Ashley .. First recorded as a given name in the 16th century, but its wider use was probably inspired by the Earl of Shaftesbury, Anthony Ashley Cooper in the early 19th century, who was a noted humanitarian who inspired much of the legislation designed to improve conditions among working classes ..
[Ash, Ashely, Asheley, Ashelie, Ashlan, .. 11 more]

Cook ..
[Cooke, Cookie]

Faraj .. "To cure."

Barber .. The French word for "beard" is "barbe", and in the past, men who wished to have their facial hair cut or trimmed would have it done professionally, as not everyone possessed a razor.
[Barbar, Barbour]

Don .. Short form of names beginning with Don- .. Actor Don Cheadle.
[Donn, Donnan, Donne, Donnie, Donny]

Esmond .. "Ease of protection." ..

Washington .. Educator Booker T ..


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