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Dog names and what they mean, for dog, hound for men. These boy names were at the peak of their popularity in the year 1993 (usage of 0.3186%) and are somewhat less popular today (usage 0.2766%, down 13.2%), with names such as Cal and Clifford becoming less stylish. Caleb (#35), Connor (#52) and Kaleb (#147) are three of the more chic birth names in this list, with Caleb enjoying a resurgence in popularity.

Bassett - Pluto

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Bassett 1 .. .. short legged hunting dog, the basset .. Not that prominent as a children's name, Bassett exists more conventionally as a surname. [Basset]

Cal 2 .. .. faithful companion, the dog (see Caleb) .. Unisex name. Popular last name. Compare Cal, and last names Saal, Coval, which also end with -al.

Caleb 3 .. .. symbolized by the "dog" in some .. Popular last names, like last names Calel, Calub, with the Ca- prefix. [Cal, Kaleb, .. 4 more]

Clifford 4 .. .. the Big Red Dog is the .. Clifford, like Offord, Wofford, is a common surname with the -ford suffix. [Cliff, .. 3 more]

Conan 5 .. Stems fr. English, Irish, Gaelic words. "Hound, wolf; high." Conan and forms peaked in popularity during 1940-1949 and are now less popular, with Connie becoming less trendy. Anglicized form of Conán (Celtic) .. [Con, Conn, .. 2 more]

Connor 6 .. Root fr. Irish, Gaelic. "Hound lover." Connor, Conor, like Phanor, Oconnor, are popular surnames that end with -nor. Anglicized form of Conchobhar (Gaelic), which .. [Conn, Konnor, .. 2 more]

Conway 7 .. Source fr. Welsh, Irish, Gaelic languages. "hound of the plain." Conway (cmp. Conan, Conly) is a common last name with the Con- prefix. Place name and surname .. [Conwy]

Dingo 8 .. The wild dogs of Australia, similar .. Not in Top 1000. See also Diogo.

Kaleb 9 .. Derived fr. Hebrew word. "Dog; tenacious and aggressive." Kaleb (cmp. Kleb, Pacleb) is a popular surname that ends with -eb. Variant of Caleb .. [Caleb, .. 2 more]

Pluto 10 .. .. modern times as the Disney dog. Common surname, like surnames Bluto, Souto, which also end with -uto. See also Plato.

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[Bassett - Pluto]
Bassett [1], Cal, Caleb [6], Clifford [4], Conan [4], Connor [4], Conway [1], Dingo, Kaleb [3], Pluto