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Doran 1 .. "Fist; stranger, exile." A name suited for both men and women. Atypical as a birth name, Doran occurs more often as a surname. [Dore, Doron, Dorren, .. 2 more]

Dorran 3 .. Contemporary usage of Dorran and other related surnames listed here as variants is probably influenced by the rhyming patterns of favored names like Darren, Darryl, and Torrance. Also used as a girls' name. Unusual as a birth name for males. [Doran, Dorrance, Dorrell, Dorrin, .. 2 more]

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[Doran - Dorran]
Doran [Dore, Doron, Dorran, Dorian, Dorren], Doron [Doran, Doroni], Dorran [Doran, Dorrel, Dorren, Dorrin, Dorrell, Dorrance]