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Doran 1 .. "Fist; stranger, exile." Both a masculine and a feminine name. Doran is rare as a male name, and it appears commonly (Top 2%) as a last name according to the US Census. The variation Dorian is widely used as a variant form of Doran. [Dore, Doron, Dorren, .. 2 more]

Doron 2 .. [Doran, Doroni]

Dorran 3 .. Contemporary usage of Dorran and other related surnames listed here as variants is probably influenced by the rhyming patterns of favored names like Darren, Darryl, and Torrance. Name used for both genders. A given name that is only intermittently used. [Doran, Dorrance, Dorrell, Dorrin, .. 2 more]

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[Doran - Dorran]
Doran [Dore, Doron, Dorran, Dorian, Dorren], Doron [Doran, Doroni], Dorran [Doran, Dorrel, Dorren, Dorrin, Dorrell, Dorrance]