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Baby Names associated with Dragon for Boys

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Dragon names

Dragon baby names and what they mean, for dragon.

Adoption of these boy names was at its apex in 2010 (usage of 0.29%) and is almost as widespread today (usage 0.28%, 4.7%). Drake (#348) is the most fashionable boy name among these. Reu (top 65%) and Ryou (100%) are familiar last names.

Here is the list of Dragon names for girls.

pinBelindo - Uther

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Top 1000 baby names ranking of Dragon names: Drake, George, Michael

Belindo 1 .. an Old German word meaning "dragon". Uncommon, but Belindo, Bellindo are comparable to common -ndo surname Bando (top 34%). [Bellindo]

Drake 2 .. Root fr. Middle English word. "Dragon." Listed in Top 1000. .. "draca", the medieval term for "dragon" .. [Draco, .. 3 more]

Fafnir 3 .. .. transformed into a dragon, the symbol .. Outside Top 1000. [Fraener, .. 1 more]

George 4 .. .. a fire breathing dragon, symbolic of .. George is more ubiquitous than the rest, although Jorge seems to be gaining favor too. [Deorsa, Georas, Georg, Georges, Georgio, Georgiy, Giorgi, Giorgio, Igor, Jiri, .. 45 more]

Ladon 5 .. .. a hundred headed dragon, similar to .. Not in popularity charts. See also Landon.

Michael 6 .. .. the archangel who defeats the dragon .. Miquel and variant were favored as birth names during 1960-1969 and are almost as popular now, but with Micheal, Mitchell, Mike, Michel and Mitch becoming somewhat dated. [Maik, Makai, Mical, Micha, Michal, Micheal, Michelet, Michiel, Mickey, Micky, .. 41 more]

Ryu 7 .. Root fr. Japanese word. "Dragon spirit." Not in Top 1000. [Ryuu]

Samael 8 .. .. chief of the Dragons of Evil. Not that common as a birth name. See also Samwell.

Uther 9 .. In Arthurian legend, Uther Pendragon, meaning .. Unuther, Utherun and Utherup are kreatif forms.

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Summary of Dragon names (and variants) for boys.

Belindo - Uther
Belindo [Bellindo], Drake [Draco, Drago, Drakon, Dracon], Fafnir [Fraener, Fraenir], George [Ygor, Yuri, Yurik, Yorik, Yuriy, Yorgos, Yorick, Yiorgos, ..], Ladon, Michael [Myke, Mitch, Mykal, Mykel, Mykell, Mychal, Mychael, Mitchell, ..], Ryu [Ryuu], Samael, Uther