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Eager names and what they mean, for eager, spirited, enthusiasm, vigilant, vigorous, passionate, ardent.

Adoption of these boy names is at its peak presently (usage of 0.2006%), except for names like Ignatius, Kasey, Neil, Nestor and Price which have fallen out of style. The more fashionable names for newborns among these are Emiliano (#254), Harvey (#493), Milan (#411), Miles (#108) and Rhys (#483), and there is a resurgence in birth name usage for Harvey, Milan and Miles. Males (top 19%) and Moles (7%) are familiar last names.

Here is the list of Eager names for girls.

Ardell - Mano

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Top 1000 baby names ranking of Eager names: Ardell, Arden, Buck, Emil, Emiliano

Ardell 1 .. from Latin meaning eager, burning with .. Aidell, Aldell and Ardellai are kreatif forms. [Ardel]

Arden 2 .. Also possibly "ardent, enthusiastic". Surname of .. Common as surnames, and Arden (upper 9%), Arrden are comparable to popular -den last name Grden (upper 99%). [Ard, Ardy, Arrden, .. 4 more]

Argus 3 .. Derivative of Greek language. "Vigilant guardian." Not Top 1000 names. Greek mythology .. [Argos]

Buck 4 .. .. a robust and spirited young man .. Buckey, Buckie, Buckley and Bucky are more rare as forms of Buck. [Buckey, .. 3 more]

Constant 5 .. .. to be sober, vigilant, and steadfast .. Not Top 1000 name. See also Constantin.

Emil 6 .. From Latin element. "eager." Usage of Emil, Emilian, etc. as boys' names in 2014 was up 4.1% compared to a year ago. From the old Roman surname Aemilius .. [Aemilio, Emilian, Emlyn, Emlynn, Yemelyan, .. 13 more]

Emiliano 7 .. Derivative of Spanish, Italian, Latin elements. "eager." Ranked in Top 1000. From Aemiliānus, a derivative of .. [Emeliano, .. 1 more]

Fagan 8 .. Source fr. Irish, Gaelic element. "Little ardent one." Scarcely used as a boys' name, Fagan exists more conventionally as a surname. Fagin is a wily con artist .. [Fegan, Feggan, Fagin]

Fergus 9 .. Root fr. Scottish, Irish, Gaelic elements. "Vigorous man." Not in Top 1000. Anglicized form of the Gaelic name .. [Fearghas, Feargus, Fergie, Ferguson, .. 2 more]

Gaillard 10 .. Derivative of Middle English element. "Brave, cheerful, spirited." Outside Top 1000. Also the name of a 16th .. [Gaillhard, .. 2 more]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Eager names: Gaylord, Gregorio, Gregory, Harvey, Ignatius

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Eager names: Kasey, Keegan

Gaylord 11 .. Origin fr. Old French language. "Spirited, dandy." Somewhat common as boys' names, Gaylor, Gaylord, etc. are comparable to the conventional Baylor. An altered form of the French .. [Gaillard, Gay, Gayler, Gaylor, .. 3 more]

Gregorio 12 .. Source fr. Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Greek elements. "Watchful, vigilant." Gregorio soared in popularity in the 1920s and is now less widespread, with Gregorio becoming less fashionable. See also Gregor. Variant of Gregory.

Gregory 13 .. Origin fr. Latin, Greek words. "Watchful, vigilant." Graig (top 98%), Greg (14%), Gregg (32%), Gregorio (48%) and Gregory (3%) are prevalent given names. From Latin Gregorius via Greek Gregō .. [Graig, Greg, Greger, Gregoor, Grigor, Grygor, .. 13 more]

Harvey 14 .. Stems fr. Old English, Old French words. "Eager for battle; strong and worthy." Prominent, with the -ey suffix for Harvey, Hervey like Halsey. Variant of Herve (French) .. [Harv, Herve, .. 6 more]

Heathcliff 15 .. the dark, passionate hero of Emily .. Outside Top 1000.

Ignatius 16 Possibly (Latin) "ardent, burning". Saint Ignatius .. Ignaz and variants peaked in popularity in the 1910s and are now less popular, with Ignacio and Ignatius becoming less fashionable. [Iggie, Ignac, Ignace, Ignaz, .. 7 more]

Kasey 17 .. Root fr. Irish word. "vigorous." Rare. Kasey, Kacey, like Kenley, ends with -ey. Variant of Casey. [Kacey]

Keegan 18 .. Source fr. Irish, Gaelic word. "ardent." Prominent. Keeghan, var. (cf. Kalan) has the common -an suffix. Historian John Keegan. [Kagan, Keagen, Keegen, .. 4 more]

Kenji 19 .. Based on Japanese language. "Strong and vigorous." Kenji and Kenjiro are rarely used as baby names. Kenjiro (ken jee ROH) means second .. [Kenjiro]

Mano 20 .. Figuratively, a passionate lover. In Spanish .. Mano, Manollo and Manolo are barely found as masculine names, and Mano is found frequently (upper 24%) as a last name. [Manollo, .. 1 more]

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Summary of Eager names (and variants) for boys.

Ardell - Mano
Ardell [Ardel], Arden [Ard, Arda, Ardy, Ardie, Ardin, Ardon, Arrden], Argus [Argos], Buck [Bucky, Buckie, Buckey, Buckley], Constant, Emil [Emlen, Emlyn, Emlin, Emilio, Emlynn, Emilion, Emilyan, Yemelyan, ..], Emiliano [Milan, Emeliano], Fagan [Fagin, Fegan, Feggan], Fergus [Fergie, Feargus, Fearghas, Fearghus, Ferguson, Fergusson], Gaillard [Galliard, Gaillhard, Gaillardet], Gaylord [Gay, Gayler, Gaylor, Gallard, Gaillard, Galliard, Gayelord], Gregorio, Gregory [Gregos, Grygor, Grigor, Grigori, Grzegorz, Gregorio, Grigorios, Gregorius, ..], Harvey [Herv, Harv, Harve, Harvy, Herve, Hervey, Harvee, Harvie], Heathcliff, Ignatius [Inigo, Ignaz, Inacio, Ignatz, Ignacio, Ignazio, Ignacius, Ignatious, ..], Kasey [Kacey], Keegan [Kegan, Kagen, Kagan, Keagan, Keagen, Keegen, Keeghan], Kenji [Kenjiro], Mano [Manolo, Manollo]

Milan - Tyson
Milan, Miles [Milo, Mylo, Milan, Myles], Neil [Nels, Nial, Niel, Nile, Neils, Niles, Oneal, Niall, ..], Nestor [Nester, Nestore, Nestorio, Nesterio], Niles [Nile, Nyles], Price [Brice, Bryce, Pryce], Reece [Rees, Rhys, Rice, Reese], Rhys, Rice [Rhys], Shandy [Shandey], Tyson [Ty, Tyce, Tycen, Tiesen, Tyeson, Tyssen, Thyssen]