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Earth names and what they mean, for earth, clay.

Adoption of these boy names was at its most widespread in the year 2002 (usage of 0.1745%) and has remained as widespread to this day (usage 0.1686%, down 3.4%), but with names like Clay and Tillman becoming less trendy. Adam (#79), Ali (#333), Cassius (#704) and Kai (#177) are four of the more chic boy names among these, and there is also a revival in birth name usage for Adam and Cassius. Alo (top 24%) and Cly (22%) are common last names.

Here is the list of Earth names for girls.

Adam - Jupiter

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Top 1000 baby names ranking of Earth names: Adam, Ali, Cassius, Clay, Clayton, Jack

Adam 1 .. Based on Hebrew language. "Earth." Ranked in Top 1000. .. from the red earth of Eden .. [Ad, Adamo, Adams, Adao, Addams, Ade, Adham, Adnon, Adnot, Adom, .. 14 more]

Admon 2 .. Stems fr. Hebrew word. "Earth." Not in popularity charts. See also Ammon. From the same root as Adam ..

Ali 3 .. .. by boxer Cassius Clay when he .. Listed in Top 1000. [Alia]

Antaeus 4 .. Son of the Earth and the .. Not in popularity charts. [Antaios, Anteus, .. 1 more]

Astraeus 5 .. .. that walked the earth before mankind .. Astraeusaa, Astraeusau and Auastraeus are kreatif forms. [Astraios]

Borak 6 .. .. bore Muhammad from earth to the .. Not in Top 1000. See also Borys.

Cassius 7 .. .. modern times, Cassius Clay was the .. Popular, and Cassius, Cass (3%), Cassio (39%) are comparable to common last name Cassity (top 9%), which also begins with Cass-. [Cash, .. 2 more]

Claiborne 8 .. Stems fr. French, German, Old English elements. "Boundary of clay." Not Top 1000 names. Place name and surname of a .. [Claiborn, Clayborn, Claybourn, .. 4 more]

Clay 9 .. Occupational or place name involving clay .. Clay is a Top 1000 baby name. [Klay]

Clayborne 10 .. Root fr. Old English element. "Brook near a clay bed; border .. ." Unique, with the unconventional androgynous-sounding -rne suffix for Clayborne, Klaibourne, etc. like Claibourne. Place name. [Claiborn, Clay, Claybourne, Klaiborn, .. 3 more]

Clayland 11 .. Source fr. Old English word. "Land of clay." Clayland is unusual as a baby name. Place name.

Clayton 12 .. Origin fr. Old English word. "Clay settlement." Clay has dwindled in popularity as a birth name circa 1960-1969. .. name and surname derived from Clay. [Claiborne, Clay, .. 3 more]

Cronus 13 .. He ruled over earth until he .. Not in Top 1000. [Cronan]

Dag 14 .. .. rode his horse around the earth .. Not much used as a baby name, Dag is found more frequently as a last name. [Daeg, Dagny, .. 2 more]

Dagan 15 .. Origin fr. Hebrew element. "Grain, the earth." Not in popularity charts. [Dagon]

Damek 16 .. From Hebrew word. "Earth." Not in Top 1000. Slavic variant of Adam. [Adamec, Adamok, Damick, Damicke, .. 3 more]

Delphin 17 .. .. that Delphi was the earth's womb .. Rare, with the common -in ending for Delphin, Delfin, Delvin like Dallin. [Delfin, .. 7 more]

Frick 18 .. Industrialist and Philanthropist Henry Clay Frick. Not much used as a birth name, Frick exists more commonly as a last name. See also Arick.

Jack 19 .. .. a rugged, down to earth aura .. Jackman, Jacko, Jacq, Jacqin and Jak are more unusual as variant forms of Jack. [Jackie, Jacky, Jacq, Jak, .. 4 more]

Jupiter 20 .. .. from Jupiter to mortals on earth. Not in popularity charts. [Juppiter]

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Summary of Earth names (and variants) for boys.

Adam - Jupiter
Adam [Adim, Edom, Adom, Atim, Adnet, Adnon, Adnot, Atkins, ..], Admon, Ali [Alia], Antaeus [Anteo, Anteus, Antaios], Astraeus [Astraios], Borak, Cassius [Cash, Cass, Cassio], Claiborne [Claiborn, Clayborn, Clayborne, Claybourn, Claibourn, Claibourne, Claybourne], Clay [Klay], Clayborne [Clay, Claiborn, Clayburn, Klaiborn, Claiborne, Claybourne, Klaibourne], Clayland, Clayton [Clay, Klayton, Clayburn, Claiborne, Clayborne], Cronus [Cronan], Dag [Daeg, Dagny, Dagget, Daggett], Dagan [Dagon], Damek [Adham, Adamek, Adamec, Adamik, Adamok, Damick, Damicke], Delphin [Delvin, Delfin, Delfino, Delfinos, Delphino, Delfinus, Delphinus, Delphinos], Frick, Jack [Jak, Jaq, Jacq, Jacky, Jacko, Jacqin, Jackie, Jackman], Jupiter [Juppiter]

Kai - Ymir
Kai [Kaj, Keh, Kye], Mankato, Sirius, Skeet, Terran [Tarrin, Terrin, Terron], Tillman [Tilman, Tilghman], Ymir