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Elaboration baby names and what they mean, with 4 results. These boy names were at the top of their popularity 20 years ago and have become much less popular since, with names like Tyree becoming less in vogue. Tyrie (TOP 46%) and Branon (24%) are popular last names.

Elaboration names

Brannon - Tyree


An elaboration of "bran", meaning "raven". Brannan is also a moderately common kid's name. [Brannen, Branna]


.. name Cassianus, an elaboration of Cassius .. Common, and Cassian is comparable to popular last names Compian (TOP 30%), Chian (89%), with the -ian suffix. See also Caspian.

An elaboration of Leo. Not in popularity charts.


.. based on an elaboration of the .. Cross-gender use. Popular as a children's name, Tyree is comparable to the common True.

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1. Brannon - Tyree
Brannon [Branna, Brannen], Cassian, Leomaris, Tyree

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