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Era Names for boys

Page 1/2. 9 Era names and what they mean, for era for males.

Albin .. Common in Roman and medieval times, but not in the modern era ..
[Al, Alben, Albinson, Albyn, Alpin, .. 1 more]

Bertram .. This name was adopted by Normans and revived in the Victorian era ..
[Bart, Bartram, Beltran, Beltrano, Bert, .. 8 more]

Cecil .. Cecil Rhodes was an industrialist and founder of Rhodesia in the Victorian era ..
[Cecilio, Cecilius, Cecyl, Celio]

Freeborn .. May date back to slave days, or to the era of widespread serfdom, when to be born free was worthy of commemoration.

Idan .. (Hebrew) "Era, time."

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Era names: Albin, Bertram, Cecil

Bertram and Cecil are commonly used names, while Albin, Freeborn and Idan are rare in comparison. (2000 U.S. Census)

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[Albin - Idan]
Albin [6], Bertram [13], Cecil [4], Freeborn, Idan

[Quimby - Walker]
Quimby [1], Ransom [1], Trevor [3], Walker


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