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Bertram - Quimby

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Bertram 1 .. This name was adopted by Normans and revived in the Victorian era .. Bertram has been on a downward trend in popularity as a birth name for boys over the years since 1920-1929. The forms Berton and Bart are widely used as versions of Bertram. [Bart, Bartram, Bert, Bertran, Bertranno, .. 8 more]

Cecil 2 .. Cecil Rhodes was an industrialist and founder of Rhodesia in the Victorian era .. Also suitable as a girls' name. Cecil is a frequently occurring (Top 17%) masculine name, appearing commonly (Top 3%) as a last name according to the US Census. [Cecilio, Cecilius, .. 2 more]

Freeborn 3 .. May date back to slave days, or to the era of widespread serfdom, when to be born free was worthy of commemoration. Scarce as a name for baby boys, Freeborn is found more often as a last name.

Idan 4 .. Origin fr. Hebrew element. "Era, time." Seldom used as a boys' name. See also Adan.

Quimby 5 .. A woman's estate was a rarity in the Old Norse era. Scarce as a baby name, Quimby occurs more often as a last name. [Quinby]

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[Bertram - Quimby]
Bertram [Berton, Bertie, Bertran, Bertrum, Bertrem, Bertrand, Bertrando, Bertranno, ..], Cecil [Celio, Cecyl, Cecilio, Cecilius], Freeborn, Idan, Quimby [Quinby]

[Ransom - Walker]
Ransom [Ransome], Trevor [Trefor, Trevar, Trever], Walker