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Bertram - Walker

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Bertram 1 .. .. and revived in the Victorian era .. Bartram, Beltran, Beltrano, Bertran and Bertrando are more exclusive as forms of Bertram. [Bart, Bertie, Bertranno, .. 10 more]

Cecil 2 .. .. of Rhodesia in the Victorian era .. Celio and forms peaked in popularity in the 1910s and have become much less popular since, with Cecil becoming less trendy. [Cecilio, Cecyl, .. 2 more]

Freeborn 3 .. .. or to the era of widespread .. Not in Top 1000.

Idan 4 .. Source fr. Hebrew language. "Era, time." Unconventional. Compare Idan, and popular last names Bodan, Jadan, which also end with -dan. See also Ian.

Quimby 5 .. .. rarity in the Old Norse era. Popular last names, like surnames Crumby, Temby, with the -mby ending. [Quinby]

Ransom 6 .. .. mainly in the late Victorian era. Popular last names. Compare Ransom, and surnames Jacksom, Taysom, with the -som ending. [Ransome]

Trevor 7 .. .. of Wales in the Victorian era .. Trevor (Top 20%) and Trever (79%) exist frequently as last names. [Trefor, Trever, .. 1 more]

Walker 8 .. In the medieval era, workers trod .. Common surname, like last names Kolker, Kelker, with the -lker suffix. Gender-neutral name.

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[Bertram - Walker]
Bertram [13], Cecil [4], Freeborn, Idan, Quimby [1], Ransom [1], Trevor [3], Walker