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Cheyenne - Tamerlane

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Cheyenne 1 .. .. fierce opponents of European settlement in .. Unusual. Cheyenne, Shayanne, like Aldwinne, Dekwohnne, end with the favored androgynous-sounding -nne. [Chayan, Shayanne, .. 2 more]

Comanche 2 .. .. horsemen who opposed European annexation of .. Popular last name. Compare Comanche, and surnames Malanche (Top 99%), Planche (84%), which also end with -nche.

Hovannes 3 From Central European, Hebrew. "God is gracious." Not in Top 1000. Variant of John via Johannes.

Hudson 4 .. .. was the first European to visit .. Popular last name, like surnames Bordson (Top 80%), Gladson (16%), with the -dson suffix. See also Judson.

Milan 5 .. Usage in European languages is derived .. Adoption of Milan soared in 2014. See also Mellan.

Reynard 6 .. .. comes from medieval European animal stories .. Reynard, Raynard, etc., like Lynard (Top 75%), Rynard (49%), are common surnames with the -nard suffix. [Raynard, Renard, Renauld, Reynardo, .. 5 more]

Rhinebeck 7 .. .. is a major European river on .. Rhinebeck and Rheinbeck are rarely used as children's names. [Rheinbeck]

Roland 8 .. .. common in several European languages, and .. Prevalent. Roland, Rowland, etc. (cf. Marilland, Moreland) end with the familiar masculine -land. [Lannie, Rollie, Rolly, .. 13 more]

Seminole 9 .. .. Florida and resisted European American attempts .. Rather quaint as a birth name.

Tamerlane 10 .. the Lame, by Europeans during the 16 .. Unconventional. Compare Tamerlane, Tamberlane, Tamburlane, and popular last names Mcerlane (Upper 68%), Werhane (84%), with the -ane ending. [Tamarlain, Tamberlain, .. 7 more]

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[Cheyenne - Tamerlane]
Cheyenne [4], Comanche, Hovannes, Hudson, Milan, Reynard [9], Rhinebeck [1], Roland [16], Seminole, Tamerlane [9]