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Explorer Names

Page 1 of 2. 28 Explorer names related to or that mean explorer for boys, listing Explorer baby names 1-20. Burton, Christopher, Columbus, Cortez, David, Edmund, Eric, Ferdinand, Henry, Jacques and Marco are popular names. Amerigo, Archer, Cabot, Darion, Drake, Flinders, Fremont, Hudson and Lander are uncommon names. View Explorer baby names below for name meanings or search Explorer names for girls.

Amerigo ... took its nickname of "America" from Italian explorer Amerigo Vespucci.
[America, Americo, Americus, Amerika, Ameriko, ... 1 more]

Archer ... the name may be used as homage to the seven Archer brothers who were well-known pastoralists and explorers in 19th-century Queensland ...

Burton ... The exploits of African explorer and writer Sir Richard Burton may have influenced its use ...
[Bert, Burt, Burtt]

Cabot ... John Cabot (15th century) was an Italian-born English explorer and navigator ...

Christopher ... Explorer Christopher Columbus ...
[Chris, Christie, Christof, Christofer, Christoffer, ... 27 more]

Columbus ... the Italian explorer who discovered America.
[Colombe, Colombo]

Cortez ... Historical: surname of the Spanish explorer and adventurer Hernando Cortes (16th century) who with a small expeditionary force conquered the Aztec civilization of Mexico.
[Cortes, Kortes, Kortez]

Darion ... John Keats described the moment of discovery when explorers stood "silent, upon a peak in Darien".
[Darian, Darien, Darrian, Darrien, Darrion]

David ... Explorer David Livingstone ...
[Daffy, Daffyd, Dafydd, Dai, Dave, ... 16 more]

Drake ... English explorer Sir Francis Drake.
[Draco, Dracon, Drago, Drakon]

Edmund ... explorer Sir Edmund Hillary ...
[Eadmund, Eamon, Eamonn, Ed, Eddie, ... 14 more]

Eric ... Scandinavian legend relates that the explorer Leif Ericson (son of Erik the Red) landed on the shores of America 500 years before Christopher Columbus ...
[Aeric, Aerick, Aerric, Aerrick, Aerricko, ... 26 more]

Ferdinand ... Explorers Ferdinand Magellan, Hernando Cortez ...
[Ferd, Ferdi, Ferdie, Ferdinando, Ferdo, ... 11 more]

Flinders ... Use as a given name is probably because of the explorer Matthew Flinders (1774-1914).

Fremont ... Explorer John Fremont.

Henry ... Explorer Henry Hudson ...
[Arrigo, Enrico, Enrikos, Enrique, Enzio, ... 23 more]

Hudson ... Explorer Henry Hudson was the first European to visit the Hudson River ...

Jacques ... Undersea explorer Jacques Cousteau.
[Jacot, Jacque, Jaq, Jaques, Jock]

Lander ... Wyoming was named for explorer and Civil War general Frederick W. Lander.
[Land, Landers, Landis, Landiss, Landor, ... 1 more]

Marco ... Italian explorer Marco Polo.
[Marcos, Markos]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Explorer names: Archer, Burton, Christopher, Columbus, Cortez, Darion, David, Drake, Edmund, Eric

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Explorer names: Ferdinand, Henry, Hudson, Jacques, Marco

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