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Explorer baby names and what they mean, for explorer, pioneer, trek, voyager.

These boy names reached the apex of their popularity in the 1970s (usage of 12.1%) and are somewhat less widespread today (usage 6%, 51%), with names such as Darion becoming somewhat outmoded. The most fashionable names for newborns in this compilation are Hudson (#80), Ryker (#151), Bennett (#166), Miles (#108) and Archer (#303).


Names may be associated with a word, eg. Raven is associated with "dark" but does not mean "dark".

Alan - Chuck

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Top 2000 baby names ranking of Explorer names: Alan, Amerigo, Archer, Atticus, Austin

.. astronaut Alan Shepard; actors Alan Alda .. Azlan is also a marginally favored boys' name. [Ailean, Aland, Alann, Alano, Alanson, Allain, Allan, Allen, Alleyne, Allon, .. 15 more]

.. "America" from Italian explorer Amerigo Vespucci. Popular. Compare Amerigo and common surnames Abrigo (upper 26%), Amigo (49%), with the -igo suffix. [America, Americus, Ameriko, .. 3 more]

.. known pastoralists and explorers in 19th .. A highly popular baby name (#303 the previous year), Archer is also found frequently as a last name. See also Ancher.

Source fr. Hebrew. "Exile, voyager." Arvad and variants are hardly found as male names, and Arvie appears frequently (upper 24%) as a last name. [Arpad, Arv, Arvid, .. 1 more]

.. the name of Scout's father in .. A highly popular boys' name.

.. Stephen Austin, a frontiersman and one .. A very common boys' name (#66 in 2014), Austin also occurs frequently as a last name. [Austen, Austyn, Ostin, Ostyn, Ostynn]

Based on Irish, Gaelic, Latin languages. "Voyager (through life); blessed." Beattie, Beatty, etc. are seldom found as male names. Masculine form of Beatrice. [Beatie, .. 2 more]

.. aviation pioneer Floyd Bennett. Bennett and variants were popular as birth names in 2014. [Benet, Benett, Benoit, .. 1 more]

.. TV series Star Trek: The Next .. Unique as a children's name, Borg occurs more frequently as a surname. See also Burk.

Colonel James Bowie, scout and originator .. Used frequently as boys' names, Bowie, Bowen, etc. are comparable to the conventional Rowen. [Bow, .. 1 more]

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Explorer names: Bennett, Brendan, Burton, Carson, Catlin

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Explorer names: Christian, Christopher, Chuck

.. , known as "the Voyager", is famed .. Brendan, Brenden, Brendon, Brennan, Brennen and Brennon were among 2014's Top names. [Breandan, Bren, .. 8 more]

.. exploits of African explorer and writer .. Burtt is more unique as a version of Burton. [Bert, Burt, .. 1 more]

Astronaut Buzz Aldrin. Buzz, Buzzie and Buzzy are barely found as men's names. [Buzzie, .. 2 more]

.. Italian born English explorer and navigator .. Not in Top 2000. [Cabbot]

Derivative of Scottish, Gaelic languages. "Traveling metalsmith; tinker, worker with tin." Rare as boys' names, but Caird, Caerd, etc. are comparable to the more popular Cairo. Occupational name. [Caerd, Cairde, .. 2 more]

.. century was a scout and guide .. Carson has gained increasing favor as a children's name since the 1960s. [Carsan, .. 4 more]

.. was an American traveler and artist .. Kattlin and variants rose in popularity 24 years ago. [Cattlin, Katlin, Kattlin]

.. of John Bunyan's "Pilgrim's Progress" (1684) .. Christian, Christan, etc. became less trendy last year, falling on average -3 positions as boys' names. [Chrestien, Christiaan, Christo, Cristen, Cristian, Criston, Cristos, Cristy, Kristian, .. 16 more]

.. patron saint of travelers grew from .. Christopher and variants became less trendy in 2014, falling on average -12 rankings as birth names with Cristofer leading the fall. [Chris, Christofer, Christoffer, Christos, Cristobal, Cristoforo, Cristovano, Kriss, Kristo, Kristoffer, .. 22 more]

.. aviation pioneer Colonel Chuck Yaeger. Chuck exists often (upper 17%) as a surname. [Chuckie]

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Index of all Explorer names [and variants] for boys.

1. Alan - Chuck
Alan [Alun, Alyn, ..], Amerigo [Ameriko, Amerikus, ..], Archer, Arvad [Arvid, Arvie, ..], Atticus, Austin [Ostyn, Ostynn, ..], Beattie [Beaty, Beatty], Bennett [Bennet, Benoit, ..], Borg, Bowie [Bow, Bowen], Brendan [Brennen, Brennon, ..], Burton [Burt, Burtt], Buzz [Buzzy, Buzzie], Cabot [Cabbot], Caird [Kaird, Kairde, ..], Carson [Kason, Karson, ..], Catlin [Katlin, Kattlin], Christian [Krystian, Krystiano, ..], Christopher [Tobal, Topher, ..], Chuck [Chuckie]

2. Colum - Faramond
Colum [Columbanus, Columcille, ..], Columbus [Colombe, Colombo], Comstock, Cornell [Cornel, Corney], Cortez [Kortes, Kortez], Cree, Crockett [Krock, Croquett, ..], Dana [Dane, Danie], Danar, Daniel [Danyel, Deiniol, ..], Darion [Darrien, Darrion, ..], David [Davyn, Davydd, ..], Dax [Dack, Daxton], Drake [Drago, Drakon, ..], Eastman, Edmund [Ted, Teddy, ..], Edsel, Edwin [Teddy, Teddie, ..], Eric [Rikki, Rikky, ..], Faramond [Pharamond, Pharamund, ..]

3. Farold - Lander
Farold, Farr, Ferdinand [Nando, Nandy, ..], Flinders, Ford [Forden, Fordon], Frank [Franz, Frantz, ..], Fremont, George [Ygor, Yuriy, ..], Gifford [Gifferd, Gyfford], Goldwin [Goldwyn, Goldwynn, ..], Henry [Rico, Hinrich, ..], Hudson, Jacques [Jock, Jaques, ..], Joachim [Yakim, Yachim, ..], Jonah [Jonas, Jonasco], Joshua [Jozua, Yehoshua, ..], Julius [Jules, Julio, ..], Kenelm [Kenhelm, Kennelm], Kit [Kitt], Lander [Landor, Landry, ..]

4. Marco - Springer
Marco [Marcos, Markos], Mark [Marques, Marquus, ..], Methodios [Methodius], Miles [Mylo, Myles, ..], Natal [Nataly, Natalio, ..], Neil [Niles, Oneal, ..], Nestor [Nestore, Nestorio, ..], Palmer [Palmar, Palmerston], Peregrine [Peregryn, Peregrino], Perry [Parry, Perrie], Pike [Pyke], Ponce, Raleigh [Rawly, Rawley, ..], Roald, Rover, Ryker [Riker], Scout, Sinbad [Sindbah], Somerley [Sorley, Somerled], Springer

5. Standish - Wolfgang
Standish, Stian [Styg, Stygge], Sumner, Taz [Tazz, Tazman], Thor [Torre, Tyrus, ..], Viator, Willie [Will, Willy], Wolfgang [Wolfram, Wulfram]