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Akshan - Dooley

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Akshan 1 .. Based on Sanskrit element. "Eye." Scarce as a name for boys. ..

Argus 2 .. Greek mythology: a creature with 100 eyes, who was later changed into a peacock with eyes on its tail-feathers. Argus is rarely used as a male name. See also Artus. [Argos]

Beauregard 3 .. The name can also mean "easy on the eye". Scarce as a boys' name, Beauregard is found more often as a last name. The form Beau is commonplace as a variation of this name. [Beau]

Brown 4 .. The name was probably given in reference to brown hair or eyes. A somewhat uncommon name for babies, Brown is used more commonly as a surname. See also Bron.

Dooley 5 .. In the early 20th century author Finley Peter Dunne wrote popular newspaper essays that saw the world through the eyes of Martin Dooley, a fictitious Irish bartender on Chicago's West Side .. Scarce as a name for boys, Dooley is found more often as a last name. See also Doyle.

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[Akshan - Dooley]
Akshan, Argus [Argos], Beauregard [Beau], Brown, Dooley

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Keane [Kean, Keen, Keene, Keyne], Sullivan [Sully, Sullavan, Sullevan]