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Farm Names

19 Farm names and what they mean, for farm for baby boys, listing 1-19.

Barric .. (English) "Grain farm." ..
[Barak, Barrick, Beric]

Bosworth .. (Middle English) "Fenced farm near the woods." ..

Calumet .. Calumet Farms was a famous horse-racing stable in the 20th century.

Chadwick .. (Old English) "Dairy farm of Ceadda." ..

Chilton .. (Old English) "Farm near the well." ..
[Chelton, Chill]

Granger .. Grange organizations in the agricultural parts of America used to offer services to farm communities.
[Grainger, Grange]

Harcourt .. (Old French) "Fortified farm."

Kelby .. (Old Norse) "Farm near the spring." ..
[Kelbey, Kelbie, Kellby]

Lathrop .. (Old English) "Farm with barns." ..

Northrop .. (Old English) "Northern farm." ..

Thornycroft .. "Croft" is an old British term for a small farm of five to ten acres, usually farmed by a tenant farmer.

Walworth .. (Old English) "Walled farm." ..

Welby .. (Old German) "Well-farm." ..
[Welbey, Welbie, Wellbey, Wellby]

Wetherby .. (Old English) "Wether-sheep farm." ..
[Weatherbey, Weatherbie, Weatherby, Wetherbey, Wetherbie]

Whitby .. (Old English) "White farm." ..
[Whitbey, Whitebie]

Willoughby .. (Old English) "Willow farm." ..
[Willoughbey, Willoughbie, Willughby]

Winsted .. (Old English) "Friend's farm." ..

Woolworth .. (Old English) "Wool farm." ..

Worth .. (Old English) "Fenced farm." ..
[Worthey, Worthing, Worthington, Worthy]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Farm names: Chadwick, Kelby, Worth

Chadwick is a commonly used name, while Barric, Bosworth, Calumet, Chilton, Granger, Harcourt, Kelby, Lathrop, Northrop, Thornycroft, Walworth, Welby, Wetherby, Whitby, Willoughby, Winsted, Woolworth and Worth are rare in comparison. (2000 U.S. Census)

Featured categories: agricultural, building, culture, fabric, farmland, farmstead, garden, grow, homestead, house, orchard, pastoral, pasture, plantation, roof, rural, rustic.

Evander .. Roman mythology: the name of an Arcadian hero ..


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