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Farmer names and what they mean, for farmer, farm, peasant for men. These boy names were at the height of their popularity in the year 1991 (usage of 0.0947%) and are almost as popular today (usage 0.0669%, down 29.3%), but with names like Kelby, Meyer, Bartholomew, Dell and Carlton falling out of fashion. Jorge (#207) and Diego (#129) are two of the more chic birth names in this compilation, and there is a rekindling in birth name popularity for Diego.

Barric - Bosworth

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Barric 1 .. Derivative of English. "Grain farm." Unusual. Compare Barric, Beric with common -ric last names Hajric (upper 92%), Djuric (37%). Place name. [Barak, .. 2 more]

Bartholomew 2 .. Derived fr. Aramaic. "Son of Talmai (the farmer)." Bartholomew (upper 2%), Bartel (4%), etc., like Bartolomey (upper 96%), Bartholmey (100%), are popular surnames that begin with Bar-. Talmai is a Hebrew name meaning .. [Bart, Bartel, Barth, Bartho, Barthold, Bartholome, Bartle, Bartlet, Bartolome, Bartolommeo, .. 19 more]

Beebe 3 .. Source fr. Old English element. "Bee farmer." Rare. Beebe, like Anscombe, Tobe, ends with the common masculine-sounding -be.

Bond 4 .. Derived fr. Middle English, Old English. "Peasant farmer." Rare. Bond (cf. Raemond, Zsigmond) ends with the popular masculine -ond. See also Boyd. From the Middle English word "bonde" ..

Bosworth 5 .. Origin fr. Middle English language. "Fenced farm near the woods." Bosworth is an atypical masculine name, registering often (upper 4%) as a surname. Place name.

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[Barric - Bosworth]
Barric [Beric, Barak, Barrick], Bartholomew [Bat, Thole, Bartt, Bertel, ..], Beebe, Bond, Bosworth

[Calumet - Jorge]
Calumet [Callumet], Carley [Carleigh], Carlton [Carlson, Carston, Carleton, Charlton], Chadwick [Chadwyck], Charlton [Carlton, Carleton, Charleton, Charleston], Cherokee, Chilton [Chill, Chelton], Dell, Diego [Dago], Egor [Igor, Ygor], Fallows [Fallow], Farmer, Franklin [Frank, Franklyn, Franklynn, Franklinn, ..], George [Ygor, Yorik, Yurik, Yorick, ..], Goran, Granger [Grange, Grainger], Harcourt, Jerzy, Joren [Jory, Jorn, Jorry, Joron, ..], Jorge [Jorje]

[Jurgen - Yorick]
Jurgen [Jorgen], Juri [Yuri, Jaris], Kelby [Kelbey, Kelbie, Kellby], Koresh [Choresh], Lathrop, Mayer [Meir, Myer, Maier, Meyer], Meyer [Myer, Meir, Mayor, Meier, ..], Northrop [Northrup], Paine [Pain, Payne], Spiridon [Spiro, Spiros, Spyros, Spyridon, ..], Thornycroft [Thorneycroft], Walworth, Welby [Welbie, Wellby, Welbey, Wellbey], Wetherby [Weatherby, Wetherbey, Wetherbie, Weatherbie], Whitby [Whitbey, Whitebie], Willoughby [Willughby, Willoughbey, Willoughbie], Winsted [Winstead], Woolworth, Worth [Worthy, Worthey, Worthing, Worthington], Yorick

[Yuri - Yuri]
Yuri [Yury, Yurii]