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Fierce names and what they mean, for fierce, warlike, ardent for males. Usage of these boy names reached its highest in 1997 and it is almost as widespread today, but with names like Tracy, Larkin, Ignatius and Arden becoming less trendy. Griffin (#241) and Keegan (#238) are two of the more trendy birth names in this compilation.

Arden - Fafnir

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Arden 1 .. Also possibly "ardent, enthusiastic" .. Usage of Arden as a boys' name is somewhat infrequent. Arden is found more frequently as a last name. Both a masculine and a feminine name. [Ard, Arda, Ardon, .. 4 more]

Bolivar 2 .. Origin fr. Spanish, Polish words. "Mighty, warlike." Unusual as a given name for boys, Bolivar is used more frequently as a last name. .. [Bolevar, .. 1 more]

Cheyenne 3 .. The Cheyenne were fierce opponents of European settlement in the West .. A name used for both sexes. Cheyenne is sparsely used as a male name. [Chayan, Chayann, .. 2 more]

Devlin 4 .. From Irish, Gaelic element. "Fierce courage." Devlin is a rarely occurring male name, occurring commonly (Top 4%) as a last name in the US Census. See also Devin. [Delvin, Devlen, .. 3 more]

Fafnir 5 .. Mythology: Fáfnir was a strong, brave and fierce son of the dwarf king Hreidmar .. Infrequently used as a baby name. [Fraener, .. 1 more]

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[Arden - Fafnir]
Arden [Arda, Ardy, Ardie, Ardon, Ardin, Arrden], Bolivar [Bolevar, Bollivar], Cheyenne [Chayan, Shayan, Chayann, Shayanne], Devlin [Delvin, Devlyn, Devlen, Devlon, Devland], Fafnir [Fraener, Fraenir]

[Fagan - Tracy]
Fagan [Fagin, Fegan, Feggan], Griffin [Griff, Griffen, Griffon, Gryffen, Gryffin, Gryphon], Gwalchmai, Halden [Haldan, Haldane, Halfdan, Halvdan, Halfdane], Ignatius [Ignaz, Inigo, Inacio, Ignatz, Ignazio, Ignatious, ..], Keegan [Kegan, Kagen, Keagan, Keegen, Keagen, Keeghan], Larkin, Lorcan, Lunn [Lon, Lonn], Tracy [Trace, Tracey, Treacy]

[Tyr - Vali]
Tyr, Vali