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Fighter Names

(See: Warrior Names)

20 Fighter names and what they mean, for fighter for baby boys, listing 1-20.

Armstrong .. (Middle English) "Strong fighter."

Averill .. From eofor hild with connotations of a ferocious fighter ..
[Ave, Averel, Averell, Averil, Averyl, .. 7 more]

Burnaby .. (Old Norse) "Fighter's estate." ..

Cadby .. (Old English) "Fighter's settlement."
[Cadbee, Cadbey, Cadbie]

Clovis .. (Old German) "Renowned fighter." ..
[Clodoveo, Clovisito, Clovio, Clovito]

Donahue .. (Irish, Gaelic) "Dark fighter." ..
[Donahoe, Donohoe, Donohue]

Donnell .. (Scottish, Irish) "Brown-haired fighter." ..
[Donal, Donell, Donnel, Donnelly]

Duncan .. (Scottish, Gaelic) "Brown fighter." ..
[Dunc, Dunn]

Evander .. Fighter Evander Holyfield.

Garroway .. (Old English) "Spear-fighter."

Keane .. (Irish, Gaelic, Old English) "Fighter." ..
[Kean, Keen, Keene, Keyne]

Kemp .. (Middle English) "Fighter, champion." ..

Kenway .. (Old English) "Brave or royal fighter."

Ludwig .. (German) "Famous fighter." ..
[Ludo, Ludovic, Ludovico]

Patton .. (Old English) "Fighter's town." ..
[Paten, Patin, Paton, Patten, Pattin]

Peyton .. (Old English) "Fighter's estate." ..
[Paden, Payton]

Seger .. (Old English) "Sea fighter." ..
[Seager, Segar, Seeger]

Simon .. Latin American freedom fighter Simon Bolivar.
[Shimon, Si, Sim, Simen, Simeon, .. 10 more]

Steinar .. (Old Norse) "Stone fighter."
[Steinard, Steinart, Steinhardt]

Vilmos .. (Hungarian) "Determined fighter." ..

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Fighter names: Clovis, Donnell, Duncan, Ludwig, Peyton, Simon

Donnell, Duncan and Simon are commonly used names, while Armstrong, Averill, Burnaby, Cadby, Clovis, Donahue, Evander, Garroway, Keane, Kemp, Kenway, Ludwig, Patton, Peyton, Seger, Steinar and Vilmos are rare in comparison. (2000 U.S. Census)


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