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Baby Names associated with Firstborn for Boys

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Firstborn names

Firstborn baby names and what they mean, for firstborn.

Usage of these boy names was at its most widespread during 1880-1889 (usage of 0.36%) and is almost as widespread today (usage 0.28%, down 22%), but with names like Reuben becoming less trendy. Cain (#727) is the most trendy boy name in this list. Williame (top 74%) and Caan (84%) are familiar last names.

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Top 1000 baby names ranking of Firstborn names: Cain, Reuben, William

Cain 1 .. .. Cain, the firstborn son of Adam .. Cain (upper 1%), Kain (4%), like Clain (upper 63%), are common -ain suffix surnames. [Caine, .. 2 more]

Primo 2 .. .. the pride of a firstborn son .. Not in popularity charts. [Preemo, Premo, Prime]

Proteus 3 .. Derived fr. Greek language. "Primordial, firstborn." Proteus was not among 2014's Top names. From protos ..

Reuben 4 .. .. Reuben was the firstborn of Jacob's .. Reuben (upper 45%), Ruben (17%) and Rubin (70%) are commonplace male names. [Reuban, Rube, Rubin, .. 6 more]

William 5 .. .. The firstborn son of the current .. Waliam, Walliam and Winliam are kreatif forms. [Bill, Bille, Billy, Guillaume, Vilhelm, Wilkes, Williams, Willy, .. 26 more]

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Summary of Firstborn names (and variants) for boys.

Cain - William
Cain [Kain, Caine, Kaine], Primo [Prime, Premo, Preemo], Proteus, Reuben [Rube, Ruby, Ruben, Rubin, Reubin, Reuven, Rouvin, Rubino], William [Wim, Willy, Wills, Wilmer, Wilmot, Wilson, Willson, Wilmott, ..]