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Flower Names

Flower names from flowering plants and blossoms are nature names popular with parents. 17 Flower names and what they mean, for flower, broom for baby boys, listing 1-17. Here is the list of Flower names for girls.

Aciano .. (Spanish) "The blue bottle flower."

Bramwell .. (Old English) "Broom well." ..
[Brammell, Bramwel, Bramwyll, Branwell, Branwill, .. 1 more]

Brandon .. (Old English) "Broom, gorse hill." ..
[Brand, Brandan, Branden, Brandin, Brandyn, .. 3 more]

Branton .. (Old English) "Broom, gorse settlement." ..
[Brannton, Branten, Brantin]

Bromley .. (Old English) "Meadow where broom grows." .. Broom is a shrub related to heather.
[Bromlea, Bromlee, Bromleigh, Broomlie]

Bromwell .. (Old English) "Well where broom grows." ..

Crisanto .. (Spanish, Greek) "Gold flower." ..
[Cresento, Crisento, Crizant, Crizanto]

Fiorello .. (Italian) "Little flower." ..

Florent .. (Old French) "In flower." ..
[Fiorentino, Florentin, Florentino, Florentz, Florenz, .. 4 more]

Florian .. (Latin) "Flower." ..
[Florien, Florrian, Floryan]

Gentian Flower name: the gentian was named after an ancient king of Illyria (now coastal Croatia) ..
[Genshian, Jenshian, Jentian]

Guildford .. (Old English) "Ford with yellow flowers." ..
[Gilford, Guilford]

Hyacinthe .. A flower name that was originally a male name ..
[Hyacinthos, Hyacinthus, Hyakinthos]

Jacinto .. Masculine form of the Greek flower name Hyacinth.
[Giacintho, Giacinto, Jacindo]

Nalin .. In Buddhism and the Hindu religion, the lotus, a beautiful flower that flourishes in muddy waters, is symbolic of enlightenment found in difficult situations.

Plantagenet .. (Old French) "Shoot of broom." Broom is an English flower ..

Wistar .. The flower wisteria was named after him ..

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Flower names: Brandon, Florian, Jacinto

Brandon and Jacinto are commonly used names, while Aciano, Bramwell, Branton, Bromley, Bromwell, Crisanto, Fiorello, Florent, Florian, Gentian, Guildford, Hyacinthe, Nalin, Plantagenet and Wistar are rare in comparison. (2000 U.S. Census)


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