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Fox names and what they mean, for fox for men. These boy names were at the top of their popularity during the years 1960-1969 (usage of 0.3224%) and are now significantly less popular (usage 0.1241%, down 61.5%), with names such as Marion and Todd becoming less stylish.

Dingo - Uncas

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Dingo 1 .. .. dogs of Australia, similar to foxes. Outside Top 1000. See also Ringo.

Fox 2 .. "Fox." Popular as last names. Compare Fox (top 1%), Foxe (41%), Foxen (40%) and popular last names Foy (top 2%), Foix (66%), with the Fo- prefix. .. refers to a fox catcher or .. [Foxe, Foxen]

Marion 3 .. .. war soldier Francis "Swamp Fox" Marion. Marion (upper 2%), like Corrion (upper 60%), Thirion (47%), is a popular -rion suffix last name. [Mariano]

Michael 4 .. .. Caine, Michael J Fox, Michel Chiklis .. Popular as last names, and Michael (top 1%), Mychael, etc. are similar to popular surnames Demichael (top 34%), Mcmichael (3%), which also end with -ael. [Maik, Makai, Meical, Micael, Micha, Michail, Michale, Michel, Miesha, Miguel, .. 41 more]

Reynard 5 .. Derived fr. Old German, Old French words. "fox." Unusual. Renard, var. (cf. Kennard, Barnard) end with the popular masculine-sounding -nard. .. French word for fox, "renard", comes .. [Raynard, Reinhardt, Renard, Renauld, Rennard, .. 4 more]

Todd 6 .. Derived fr. Middle English. "Fox." Popular as last names, and Todd (upper 1%) is similar to popular -dd surnames Hodd (upper 83%), Kydd (33%). .. possibly refers to a fox hunter .. [Tod]

Todhunter 7 .. Root fr. Old English word. "Fox hunter." Outside Top 1000. Occupational name.

Uncas 8 .. Root fr. Native American Indian language. "The fox." Uncas is not often used as a children's name. Literary ..

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Summary of Fox names (and variants) for boys.

Dingo - Uncas
Dingo, Fox [2], Marion [1], Michael [51], Reynard [9], Todd [1], Todhunter, Uncas