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Fox names and what they mean, for fox for men. These boy names were at the top of their popularity during 1960-1969 and are now significantly less popular, with names such as Todd and Marion becoming less stylish.

Dingo - Reynard

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Dingo 1 .. .. dogs of Australia, similar to foxes. Unique as a birth name for males. See also Diego.

Fox 2 .. "Fox." Scarcely used as a name for boys, Fox exists more often as a last name. .. fox-catcher or to a fox's den .. [Foxe, .. 1 more]

Marion 3 .. .. war soldier Francis "Swamp Fox" Marion. Somewhat unusual as a name for newborns, existing more frequently as a last name. Unisex name. [Mariano]

Michael 4 .. .. Rooney, Michael Caine, Michael J Fox .. Name suitable for both boys and girls. A very popular birth name for males (#7 in 2014) that is also found somewhat commonly as a last name. The forms Mykel, Miquel, Miguel and Micheal are generally used as versions of the name. [Maik, Micael, Michaelangelo, Michale, Michel, .. 46 more]

Reynard 5 .. Derived fr. Old German, Old French elements. "Strong decision; fox." Reynard is an intermittently used men's name, and it appears often (Top 31%) as a surname according to the US Census. The variation Raynard is popular as a form of Reynard. The French word for fox, "renard" .. [Raynard, Renard, Renauld, .. 6 more]

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[Dingo - Reynard]
Dingo, Fox [Foxe, Foxen], Marion [Mariano], Michael [Myke, Mitch, Mykal, Mykel, Mykell, Mychal, Mychael, Mitchell, ..], Reynard [Renard, Renaud, Rennard, Renauld, Renardo, Reynardo, Reinhard, Reinhardt]

[Todd - Uncas]
Todd [Tod], Todhunter, Uncas