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French names

Baby names of French origin, for french, france, frankish, franks.

Usage of these boy names reached its apex 104 years ago (adoption of 4.6%) and is somewhat lower today (adoption 2.7%, down 43%), with names such as Harvey becoming somewhat outmoded. The more fashionable boy names in this compilation are Bennett (#166), Beau (#228), Case (#467), Noel (#356) and Remy (#621).

Here is the list of French names for girls.


Names may be associated with an origin, eg. Nelson is associated with "African" but is not of African origin.

Acelin - Bayard

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Top 2000 baby names ranking of French names: Algernon, Andre, Ansel, Antoine, Archibald

"Noble." Acelyn is a moderately common boys' name. See also Ashlin.

"Wearing a mustache." Popular, and Algernon, Aljernon, Allgernon are similar to common surnames Allenson (upper 48%), Angeron (82%), which also end with -on. The Normans were usually clean shaven ..

"Lovable." Amadour, Amador and Amadore are seldom found as first names, and Amador appears frequently (upper 1%) as a last name. .. founder of a French shrine (Rocamadour) ..

"Friend." Ames, Aimes and Aymes are not in the Top 2000. The name may be related to ..

"Love." Cross-gender use. Amor is rare as a children's name.

"Man, warrior." Andre, Dray, etc. became less trendy last year, dropping -367 positions as boys' names with Andrei leading the decline. André is a variant of Andrew ..

"Follower of a nobleman." Ancell and Ansell are more uncommon as forms of Ansel. Also variant of Anselm (Old German) ..

Variant of Anthony .. Usage of Antoine as a baby name in 2014 was down 40.2% compared to 10 years ago. See also Anthone.

"Genuine, bold, brave." Usage of Arch and variants was well-received among parents a century ago and has become less, with Arch becoming less stylish. Brought to Britain with the Norman ..

"Soldier." Arman (upper 15%), Armand (8%), Armon (23%), Armond (22%) and Ormond (8%) occur regularly as surnames. Variant of Herman ..

Top 2000 baby names ranking of French names: Armand, Arnett, Arnold, Austin, Baldwin, Bayard

Variant of Arnold. Not in Top 2000. See also Arnat.

"Little eagle." Arnet (upper 40%), Arnett (1%), Arnot (27%) and Arnott (8%) exist regularly as surnames. Broadcaster Peter Arnett.

ArnoldArnold [Arnaud2, .. more]
"Eagle ruler." Arend, Arn, Arnau, Arnaud and Arnauld are more unique as variations of Arnold. From the phrase arn wald ..

"Great, magnificient." Usage of Austin and variants as boys' names in 2014 was 38.4% less than 2004. Variant and oral form of Augustine ..

"Oat pasture." Avenall, Aveneil, etc. are not Top 2000 names. Place name.

"Unmarried man." Bacheford and Bachelar are kreatif variations. Usually a surname.

"Bold, brave friend." Baldwin is prevalent as a variation. Adopted by the Normans and introduced ..

"Flag; ensign bearer." Banner, like the similar-sounding Bonnar, exists more usually as a surname. An occupational name.

"Beard." Barben (top 41%), Barbe (14%) are conventional last names. the French word for beard is ..

"Auburn-haired." Bay and variants were favored as birth names in 2010. .. a 16th century French knight and ..

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Index of all names [and variants] for French names for boys.

1. Acelin - Bayard
Acelin, Algernon, Amadour, Ames, Amor, Andre, Ansel, Antoine, Archibald, Armand, Arnaud, Arnett, Arnold [Arnaud], Austin, Avenall, Bachelor, Baldwin, Banner, Barber, Bayard

2. Bayless - Boden
Bayless, Beal, Beau [Beal], Beauchamp, Beaufort, Beaumont, Beauregard [Beau], Bedell, Belden, Bellamy, Belmont, Bennett, Berger, Bernard, Bertram [Bertrand], Bertrand, Bevis, Blaise, Blanton, Boden

3. Bogart - Cannon
Bogart, Bonamy, Bonar, Boone, Bouvier, Boyce, Bray, Bruce, Burgess, Burke, Burl, Burnell, Burnet, Cable, Cabot, Cade, Calumet, Calvin, Canning, Cannon

4. Capp - Colville
Capp, Cardell, Carvell, Case, Chalmers, Chancellor, Chandler, Chaney, Channing [Cannon, ..], Chantrey, Chase, Chevalier [Chevy], Chevron, Chevy [Chevalier], Cheyne [Chaney], Claiborne, Cockrell, Colbert [Cole], Cole, Colville

5. Corbett - Del
Corbett, Cordell, Cornell, Coty, Courtney, Coyan, Curtis [Kurtis], Cyrano, Dabney, Dace, Danton, Darcel, Darrel [Darryl], Darryl [Darrel], Dartagnan, Darvell, Davenport, Dax, Debonair, Del

6. Delaney - Etienne
Delaney [Delano], Delano, Delmar, Delroy, Denis, Denver, Destin, Deverell, Devereux, Devine, Didier, Drury, Dumont, Durand, Dureau, Duvall, Egmont, Elroy, Esme, Etienne

7. Evo - Gael
Evo, Fabrice, Fabron, Ferrand, Fitz, Fitzgerald, Fitzhugh, Fitzpatrick, Fitzroy, Fletcher, Florent, Fontaine, Forest, Fortune, Franchot, Frederick, Fremont, French, Gable, Gael

8. Gage - Hackett
Gage, Garland, Garner, Garnet, Gaspard, Gaston, Gay, Gaylord [Gay], Ged, Germain, Gilbert, Gillett, Glanville, Granger, Granville, Greville, Griswold, Grosvenor, Guerrant, Hackett

9. Hackman - Lacrosse
Hackman, Hamlet, Harbin, Harcourt, Harman, Harvey, Hazard, Helmut, Hewett, Hugh [Hugo], Hugo, Ivo [Yves, ..], Jacques, Jardine, Jarvis, Jean, Jerard, Jules, Kurtis, Lacrosse

10. Lacy - Lyon
Lacy, Lafayette, Lamar, Lance, Lancelot, Lanier, Laramie, Larrimore, Lasalle, Lebrun, Leggett, Leron, Leroux, Leroy [Elroy], Levant, Lisle [Lyle], Louis, Lowell, Lyle [Lisle], Lyon

11. Macy - Mortimer
Macy, Mallory, Manville, Marc, Marcel, March, Marmion, Marquis, Marshall, Maslin, Mayhew, Melville, Merle, Miguel, Montague, Montaine, Montgomery, Moore, Morell, Mortimer

12. Narcisse - Quincy
Narcisse, Neville, Noel, Norris, Norville, Orville, Osten [Austin], Page, Parrish, Percival, Peverell, Pierre, Plantagenet, Platt, Pomeroy, Prewitt, Price, Purvis, Quennell, Quincy

13. Ranger - Seeley
Ranger, Raoul, Rawlins, Remy [Remy], Rene [Rene], Reynard, Richmond, Rives, Rodel, Rodeo, Rousseau, Rushkin, Russell, Saber, Sable, Sacheverell, Sargent, Saville, Scout, Seeley

14. Senior - Verrier
Senior, Sennett, Sorrell, Taft, Taylor, Telford, Tempest, Thierry, Toussaint, Travis, Tremont, Tyson, Umber, Vachel, Vardon, Verdell, Vere, Vermont, Vernon, Verrier

15. Verrill - Yves
Verrill, Villiers, Wallace, Yann, Yves [Ivo, ..]