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Names may be associated with a word, eg. Raven is associated with "dark" but does not mean "dark".

Friend baby names and what they mean, for friend, with 68 results. These boy names were at the apex of their popularity a century ago (ADOPTION OF 1.7%) and have become much less widespread since (ADOPTION 0.4%, 73.7%), with names such as Elvin becoming somewhat outmoded. Alden (#720) is the most contemporarily stylish baby name here, while Amiot (TOP 26%) and Ams (70%) are conventional last names.

Friend names

Alden - Derwin | Durwin - Keller | Kelvin - Takoda | Walwyn - Wynn

Alden - Derwin

Derived fr. Old English word. "Old friend." Aeden is also a slightly favored boys' name. Surname used as a given name. [Eldwynn, Aldwyn, Aldwin, Aldan, .. 8 more]

Based on Old English. "Old friend." Popular, and Aldwin, Eldwin are similar to common -win surnames Alwin (TOP 29%), Angwin (49%). Variant of Alden. [Eldwynn, Aldwynne, Aldwyn, Aldwinn, .. 6 more]

Based on Old English language. "Elf or magical being, friend." Adoption of Alvin and variants as boys' names in 2015 was down 1.9% compared to a year ago. .. and also possibly means "precious friend" .. [Elwynn, Elwyn, Elvin, Alvy, Alven, Aluino, Aloin, Al, .. 11 more]

Root fr. French language. "Friend." Amey (UPPER 9%), Amen (10%) are popular surnames. The name may be related to .. [Aymes, Aimes]

Source fr. Hebrew word. "Comrade, friend." Adoption of Amit was elevated during 1980-1989. Also a girls' name.

Source fr. Italian, Old German. "Valuable friend." Not that prominent as a baby name, Arduino exists more frequently as a last name. See also Ardin.

Based on English, Old German languages. "People's friend." Rare, with usage of 0.004% for Arvin and variants as children's names in 2015. [Arwyn, Arwin, Arvyn, Arvon, Arvid, .. 4 more]

Derivative of Old English word. "Spear friend." Aswynn and variants are barely found as men's names. [Aswynn, Aswyn, .. 1 more]

Derivative of Old English element. "Old friend." Auden became less popular in 2015, dropping -102 positions as a boys' name to reach #1721. See also Arden.

From Old French, Old German languages. "Bold, brave friend." Bald, Baldovino, etc. are hardly found as masculine names. Adopted by the Normans and introduced .. [Baudoin, Balldwin, Baldwynn, Baldovino, Baldewin, .. 5 more]

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Friend names: Alden, Alvin, Amit, Arvin, Auden

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Friend names: Baldwin, Chandler, Corwin, Cosmo, Dakota

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Friend names: Darwin, Delvin, Derwin

Derived fr. Old French. "Handsome friend." Belamy, Bellamey, Bellamie, Bellamy and Bellemy are more exclusive as variant forms. English actor Ralph Bellamy. [Bellemy, Bellamie, Bellamey, .. 2 more]

Derivative of Old English. "Bear friend; bright friend." Berwyn, Berwynne, etc. are not Top 2000 names. [Berwynne, .. 2 more]

Stems fr. French word. "Good friend." Bonamy and Bonami are not in the Top 2000. [Bonami]

.. Bing on the TV series "Friends". Gender-neutral name. Popular, with usage of 0.038% for Chandler as a baby name in 2015, higher than 0.038% a year ago.

Origin fr. Gaelic, Old English words. "Heart's friend or companion." Corwan, Corwinn, Corwyn and Corwynn are more rare as variations of Corwin. [Corwynn, Corwan, .. 2 more]

.. His friend the Duke of Gordon .. Less widespread today. Cosmo was the variation last recorded (1950-1959) in the Top 2000. [Kosmo, .. 2 more]

Derivative of Native American Indian element. "Friend, ally." Adoption of Dakotah and forms was well-received among parents in 1995 and has become diminished, with Dakotah becoming less fashionable. Tribal name and place name .. [Dekowta, Dakoeta, .. 6 more]

Root fr. Old English word. "Dear friend." A conventional baby name (#877 THE PREVIOUS YEAR), Darwin is also found often as a last name. Historical .. [Derwynn, .. 3 more]

Derivative of Old English, Irish languages. "Godly friend; proud friend; bright friend." Delvin, Delvon, Delwin and Delwyn are commonly used as versions. [Delwynn, Delwin, Dellwin, Delavan, .. 5 more]

Origin fr. Old English language. "Gifted friend; dear friend." Usage of Derwin and variants as boys' names in 2015 was up 24.5% compared to a decade ago. Derwent is a similar sounding English .. [Durwin, Derwynn, Derwyn, Darwyn, Darwin, .. 3 more]

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Summary Index of Friend names [and variants] for boys.

1. Alden - Derwin
Alden [Eldin, Eldwin, Eldwyn, Eldwynn, ..], Aldwin [Eldin, Eldwin, Eldwyn, Eldwynn, ..], Alvin [Elvin, Elwin, Elwyn, Elwynn, ..], Ames [Aimes, Aymes], Amit, Arduino, Arvin [Arvy, Arvyn, Arwin, Arwyn, ..], Aswin [Aswyn, Aswinn, Aswynn], Auden, Baldwin [Baudoin, Baldwyn, Balldwin, Baldwynn, ..], Bellamy [Bell, Bellemy, Bellamie, Bellamey], Berwyn [Berwin, Berwynn, Berwynne], Bonamy [Bonami], Chandler, Corwin [Corwan, Corwyn, Corwynn, Corwinn], Cosmo [Kosmo, Cosme, Cosimo], Dakota [Dekota, Dakoeta, Dekohta, Dekowta, ..], Darwin [Darwon, Darwyn, Derwin, Derwynn], Delvin [Delvon, Delwin, Delwyn, Delwynn, ..], Derwin [Derwyn, Durwin, Derwent, Derwynn, ..]

Durwin [Derwin, Derwyn, Durwyn], Edwin [Ted, Teddy, Neddy, Teddie, ..], Elden [Elton, Eldon, Eldwyn, Eldwin], Elvin [Elwin, Elwyn, Elwinn, Elwynne, ..], Elwin [Win, Wynn, Elvis, Elvyn], Erwin [Irwin], Ethelwin [Ethelwyn, Ethelwynne], Evelyn [Evelin], Ewing [Ewin, Ewynn], Frewin [Frewen], Garvin [Garwen, Garwin, Garwyn, Garwynn, ..], Gladwin [Gladwyn, Gladwinn, Gladwynne], Godwin [Goodwin, Goodwyn, Goodwynn, Goodwynne, ..], Goldwin [Goldwyn, Goldewyn, Goldwinn, Goldwynn], Goodwin [Goodwyn, Goodwinn, Goodwynn], Hadwin [Hadwyn, Hedwin, Hedwinn, Hadwynne], Hardwin [Hardwen, Hardwyn, Hardwynn, Hardwinn], Irwin [Erwyn, Irwyn, Erwinn, Irwinn], Kalil [Kaleel, Khalil, Kahlil, Khaleel, ..], Keller

Kelvin [Kelwin, Kelwyn, Kelvyn, Kelwinn, ..], Kerwin [Kerwyn, Kirwan, Kirwen, Kerwinn, ..], Khalil [Kahlil, Khaleel], Livingston [Livingsten, Livingstin, Livingstone], Marvin [Merwin, Merwyn, Murvin, Murvynn, ..], Medad [Meydad], Medwin [Medwyn, Medvin, Medwinn], Melvin [Melwyn, Vinnie, Melwin, Melwynn, ..], Mentor, Mervin [Merwyn, Murvin, Murvyn, Merwinn, ..], Nadim [Nadeem], Norvin [Norwin, Norwyn, Norwynn, Norwinn], Orvin [Orwin, Orwynn], Oscar [Ozzy, Oskar, Ossie, Osker], Oswin [Osvin, Oswyn, Oswynn, Oswinn], Rafiq [Rafi, Rafik], Reuel [Ruel], Selwyn [Selwin, Selwinn, Selwynn, Selwynne], Sherwin [Sherwyn, Sherwind, Sherwinn, Sherwynne], Takoda

Walwyn [Welwyn, Walwynn, Walwinn, Walwynne], Winfield [Wynfield, Winnfield, Wynnsfield], Winslow, Winsted [Winstead], Winthrop, Winton [Wynton], Winwood, Wynn [Winn, Wynne, Wynton, Wyndell]

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