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Friend names and what they mean, for friend for males. Here is the list of Friend names for girls. Usage of these boy names reached its apex during the years 1920-1929 and is somewhat lower today, with names such as Kelvin, Darwin, Melvin, Edwin and Marvin becoming somewhat outmoded. Alden (#715), Chandler (#420), Khalil (#465) and Dakota (#360) are four of the more contemporarily stylish baby names here, with Alden having a rebound in popularity.

Alden - Amit

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Alden 1 .. Based on Old English. "Old friend." The name Alden has become increasingly popular as a birth name for boys since 1960. The form Al is commonly used as a variation of this name. Surname used as a given name .. [Al, Aldwin, Alwine, Eldwin, .. 8 more]

Aldwin 2 .. From Old English word. "Old friend." Aldwin is a sparsely used masculine name. The form Elden is widely used as a variation of the name. Variant of Alden. [Aldwinn, Aldwinne, Alswynn, Eldwin, .. 6 more]

Alvin 3 .. Based on Old English word. "Elf or magical being, friend." Alvin is a familiar (Top 14%) masculine name, occurring commonly (Top 23%) as a last name according to the US Census. The forms Elvin and Al are familiar as versions of this name. .. and also possibly means "precious friend" .. [Ailwyn, Al, Aluino, Alven, Alvyn, .. 14 more]

Ames 4 .. From French word. "Friend." Unique as a name for baby boys, existing more frequently as a last name. See also Amyees. The name may be related to .. [Aimes, .. 1 more]

Amit 5 .. Source fr. Hebrew element. "Comrade, friend." Both a masculine and a feminine name. Unique as a given name for baby boys.

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[Alden - Amit]
Alden [Eldwyn, Eldwynn, ..], Aldwin [Eldwyn, Eldwynn, ..], Alvin [Elwyn, Elwynn, ..], Ames [Aimes, Aymes], Amit

[Arduino - Elwin]
Arduino, Arvin [Arwin, Arwyn, ..], Aswin [Aswyn, Aswynn], Auden, Baldwin [Baudoin, Balldwin, ..], Bellamy [Bellemy, Bellamie, ..], Berwyn [Berwynn, Berwynne], Bonamy [Bonami], Chandler, Corwin [Corwyn, Corwynn, ..], Cosmo [Cosme, Kosmo], Dakota [Dekohta, Dekowta, ..], Darwin [Derwin, Derwynn, ..], Delvin [Delwyn, Delwynn, ..], Derwin [Durwin, Derwynn, ..], Durwin [Derwyn, Durwyn], Edwin [Teddy, Teddie, ..], Elden [Elton, Eldwyn, ..], Elvin [Elwyn, Elwynne, ..], Elwin [Win, Wynn, ..]

[Erwin - Livingston]
Erwin [Irwin], Ethelwin [Ethelwyn, Ethelwynne], Evelyn [Evelin], Ewing [Ewin, Ewynn], Frewin [Frewen], Garvin [Garwyn, Garwynn, ..], Gladwin [Gladwyn, Gladwynne], Godwin [Goodwynn, Goodwynne, ..], Goldwin [Goldwyn, Goldwynn, ..], Goodwin [Goodwyn, Goodwynn], Hadwin [Hedwin, Hedwinn, ..], Hardwin [Hardwyn, Hardwynn, ..], Irwin [Irwyn, Irwinn, ..], Kahlil [Kalil, Khalil], Kalil [Khalil, Khaleel, ..], Keller, Kelvin [Kelwyn, Kelwinn, ..], Kerwin [Kirwan, Kirwen, ..], Khalil [Kahlil, Khaleel], Livingston [Livingstin, Livingstone]

[Marvin - Winsted]
Marvin [Murvin, Murvynn, ..], Medad [Meydad], Medwin [Medwyn, Medwinn], Melvin [Vinnie, Melwynn, ..], Mentor, Mervin [Murvin, Murvyn, ..], Nadim [Nadeem], Norvin [Norwyn, Norwynn, ..], Orvin [Orwin, Orwynn], Oscar [Ozzy, Ossie, ..], Oswin [Oswyn, Oswynn, ..], Rafiq [Rafi, Rafik], Reuel [Ruel], Selwyn [Selwynn, Selwynne, ..], Sherwin [Sherwyn, Sherwynne, ..], Takoda, Walwyn [Welwyn, Walwynne, ..], Winfield [Wynfield, Wynnsfield], Winslow, Winsted [Winstead]

[Winthrop - Wynn]
Winthrop, Winton [Wynton], Winwood, Wynn [Wynne, Wynton, ..]