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Gabriel - Gaynor

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Gabriel 1 .. From Hebrew gheber "man" .. Also suitable as a girls' name. A very common given name (#24 a year ago), and also found frequently as a last name. [Gab, Gabbi, Gabe, Gabrian, .. , Gay, .. 14 more]

Gaius 2 .. .. the root of the word "gay" .. Gaius is an irregularly used given name. See also Gaige. [Cai, Caio, Keye, .. 4 more]

Gay 3 .. "Blithe, cheerful." A name used for both sexes. Somewhat uncommon as a birth name, Gay exists more commonly as a last name. A surname in the Middle Ages ..

Gaylord 4 .. .. its connotations of homosexuality like Gay .. Usage of Gaylord as a name for babies has diminished over the years since 1930. [Gaillard, Gallard, Gay, Gayelord, .. 3 more]

Gaynor 5 .. From a different root from the .. A name suitable for both sexes. Gaynor is irregularly used as a male name, and it appears frequently (Top 6%) as a last name according to the US Census. [Gaine, Gay, .. 4 more]

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[Gabriel - Gaynor]
Gabriel [Gay, Gaby, Gavrel, Jibril, Gavril, Jabril, Gavrilo, Gavriel, Gabrielli, Gabriello, ..], Gaius [Kay, Cai, Caio, Kaye, Keys, Keye, Keyes], Gay, Gaylord [Gay, Gayler, Gaylor, Gallard, Gaillard, Galliard, Gayelord], Gaynor [Gay, Gaine, Gainer, Gainor, Gayner, Gaynnor]