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German names

German and Old German names are from the West Germanic language, having many of their roots in Latin and Greek, and are used in Germany and by German-speaking peoples. Baby names of German origin, for german, germany, teutonic.

These boy names reached the height of their popularity during the years 1900-1909 (usage of 0.1686%) and are somewhat less popular today (usage 0.0882%, 47.7%), with names like Terrell, Ramon, Rodney, Alfonso and Rodolfo falling out of style. The most trendy names for newborns among these are Royce (#475), Hank (#602), Augustus (#544), Brooks (#245) and Enzo (#369), with Augustus, Brooks, Hank and Royce undergoing a revival in usage. Dyrek (top 73%) and Coper (68%) are common surnames.

Here is the list of German names for girls.

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Page 1/23 of 454 German names.

Top 1000 baby names ranking of German names: Adolph, Alan

Aage 1 .. "Ancestor." Unusual. Compare Aage and common last name Lage (top 9%), which also ends with -age. See also Gage. Danish.

Abelard 2 .. "Noble strength." Listed in Top 1000. From Adalhard ..

Acel 3 .. "Noble." Acelau, Acellio and Auacel are kreatif variations.

Adair 4 .. "Wealthy spear." Unusual, with the common -air suffix for Adair like Alisdair. From "ead gar" ..

Adal 5 .. "Noble, precious." Cross-gender use. Uncommon. Adal, like Avital, uses the androgynous -al ending.

Adalfieri 6 .. "Noble oath." Adalfieri, Adelfieri and Edelfieri are not frequently adopted as children's names. Italian name.

Adalgiso 7 .. "Noble, precious promise." Unique. Adalgiso, Adelgiso and Edelgiso are not listed in the US Census. Italian and Spanish name.

Adalhard [Adal, .. more] 8 .. "Noble strength." Uncommon, with the masculine -ard suffix for Adalhard, Adalard, etc. like Adelhard.

Adalric 9 .. "Noble, regal ruler." Rather unusual as a birth name.

Addy 10 .. "Awe-inspiring; noble." Addy, Ade, Adi and Ado are more novel as versions. Also a short form of Adam.

Adel [Adal, .. more] 11 .. "God is eternal; noble." Outside Top 1000. More familiar as a part of ..

Adelmar 12 .. "Noble, famous." Adelmar was not a Top birth name in 2014.

Adler 13 .. "Eagle." Rather quaint as a boys' name, Adler is found more frequently as a last name. See also Adley. More common as a surname, especially ..

Adolph 14 .. "Noble, majestic wolf." Adolph, Adolfo and Dolph are generally used as variant forms. .. having been a German and Swedish ..

Aimery 15 .. "King of work." Aimery, Aymeric, etc. are unique as baby names. French name.

Aimon 16 .. "Fatherland." Aimon, Aymon, etc. are rarely found as masculine names. French name ..

Alain 17 .. "Precious." Outside Top 1000. French variant of Alan.

Alan [Alain, .. more] 18 .. "Precious." Somewhat common as baby names, Alair, Alan, etc. are comparable to the common Blair. From Adal ..

Alard 19 .. "Noble strength." Uncommon, with the masculine-sounding -ard ending for Alard, Adlard, Aliard like Alhard.

Alaric 20 .. "Noble, regal ruler." Ulrich (top 1%), Ullrich (6%), Al (28%) and Ulrick (36%) occur regularly as surnames. From Adalrich ..

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Summary of names (grouped by variations) for German names for boys.

Aage - Alaric
Aage, Abelard, Acel, Adair, Adal, Adalfieri, Adalgiso, Adalhard [Adal], Adalric, Addy, Adel [Edel], Adelmar, Adler, Adolph [Dolph], Aimery [Imre], Aimon, Alain, Alan [Allen], Alard, Alaric

Albern - Ansel
Albern, Albert, Aldo, Aldous [Aldo], Alfonso [Alphonse], Algis, Allen, Almanzo, Almarine, Aloiki, Alonzo [Lonnie], Aloysius [Ludwig, ..], Alphonse [Alonzo], Altman, Alvar [Alvaro], Alvaro, Amalio, Amory, Anicho, Ansel

Anselm - Baldemar
Anselm [Ansel], Anton, Archard, Archibald [Archie], Archie, Arduino, Armand [Armin], Armin, Arno, Arnold [Arno], Arrigo, Arthur, Arvin, Auberon [Oberon], Aubrey [Oberon], Audric, Augustus, Autha, Averett, Baldemar

Baldric - Bertram
Baldric, Baldwin, Ballard, Bard, Bardrick, Barend, Baron, Barrett, Baylor, Belindo, Beltran, Berg, Bergen, Berlin [Berlyn], Berlyn, Bern, Bernal, Bernard [Bern], Berthold, Bertram [Bertrand]

Bertrand - Chaz
Bertrand, Bing, Bogart, Bond, Brickell, Broderick [Ricky], Brooks, Bruno, Brunswick, Bubba, Buell, Burgess, Burroughs, Caesar [Kaiser], Carl [Karl], Carlos, Carroll, Charles [Karl, ..], Charlie, Chaz

Chick - Dirk
Chick, Chip, Chuck, Claiborne, Claus, Clovis, Colbert, Conrad [Kurt, ..], Cooper, Cort [Kurt], Cramer, Dagobert, Danube, Dedrick [Dietrich], Derek [Dirk], Detleff, Dick, Dieter, Dietrich [Dirk, ..], Dirk

Dolph - Enrique
Dolph, Dustin, Eberhard [Everard], Eberlein, Eckhard, Edel [Adel], Edsel, Eginhard, Egmont, Egon, Eike, Eldridge, Ellard, Elmar, Elois [Aloysius], Emery [Amory], Emicho, Emmet, Engelbert, Enrique

Enzo - Freed
Enzo, Erhard, Ermenegildo, Ermin, Ernest, Everard [Everett], Everett [Everard, ..], Ewald, Faron, Ferdinand [Hernando], Ferenc, Fester, Filbert, Finn, Fitzgerald, Fitzhugh, Folker [Volker], Frank, Frederick [Ricky], Freed

Fremont - Germain
Fremont, Friedhelm, Fritz, Fulbright, Fulk, Furman, Gaetano [Kajetan], Galt, Gannet, Garrard [Gerard], Gaston, Gauthier, Ged, Geoff, Geoffrey [Joffrey, ..], George [Jurgen], Gerald [Jarrett, ..], Gerard [Ged], Gerasim, Germain [Jermaine]

Gerritt - Hans
Gerritt, Gervase, Gilbert, Godfrey, Gottlieb, Gregory [Gregor], Grimaldo, Griswold, Guillaume, Guy, Hackett, Hackman, Hagen, Hal, Hamlet [Hammond], Hamlin, Hammer, Hammond, Hank, Hans

Hanson - Hildebrand
Hanson, Harbin, Hardy, Harman, Harry [Heimrich], Hartman, Hartwig, Heinrich, Heimrich, Heller, Hendrick, Henry [Hendrick, ..], Herbert [Heribert], Heribert, Herman [Harman, ..], Hernando, Herrick, Hewett, Hildefuns, Hildebrand

Hillard - Jeff
Hillard [Hilliard], Hilliard, Hobart, Hobbes, Hoffman, Horst, Howe, Hubert [Uberto], Hugh [Ugo], Hulbert, Humbert [Umberto], Humphrey [Onofrio], Immanuel, Imre, Ivo [Yves], Jaeger, Jarman, Jarrell, Jarrett, Jeff

Jeffrey - Konrad
Jeffrey [Joffrey, ..], Jermaine [Germain], Jerrick, Joffrey, John [Johan], Joss, Jurgen, Kaden, Kahn, Kaiser, Karl [Carl], Kaufman, Kellen, Keller, Kepler, Kiefer, Kirby, Kirk, Klein, Konrad

Kurt - Lonzo
Kurt, Lachman, Lamar, Lance [Lanzo], Lander, Lanny, Lanzo, Lehman, Leonard [Leonardo], Leonardo, Leopold, Lewis [Luis], Lexer, Liam, Lindberg, Lindeman, Locke, Loeb, Lonnie, Lonzo

Loring - Medwin
Loring, Lothar, Louis [Luis, ..], Lucas, Ludwig, Luis, Luther [Lothar], Mandel, Manfred, Mannheim, Mann, Marcus [Markus], Markell, Marr, Massey, Matthias, Maximilian [Maximilian], Mayer [Meyer], Maynard [Meinhard], Medwin

Meinhard - Odolf
Meinhard [Maynard], Meinrad, Meyer [Mayer], Miles, Montgomery, Muller, Nagel, Naldo, Napoleon, Neander, Norbert, Norman, Norton, Oakes, Oberon [Auberon], Obert, Odell, Odilo, Odo, Odolf

Oliver - Ralph
Oliver, Onofrio, Orlando [Roland], Orman, Osgood, Oswald [Waldo], Othman, Otis, Ottfried, Otto [Odo], Packard, Pierre [Per], Pollock, Price, Radek, Rafe, Ragnar [Raynor], Rainart, Rainer, Ralph [Rolf]

Ramiro - Rigoberto
Ramiro, Ramon, Rand, Randall [Rand], Randi, Randolph [Randall], Rasmus, Ray, Raymond [Ray], Raynor [Ray, ..], Redmond, Reynard, Rhinebeck, Rhinelander, Rhodes, Rice, Richard [Ricky], Richmond, Ricky, Rigoberto

Ritter - Saxe
Ritter, Robert, Rocco, Roderick [Rurik], Rodman, Rodney, Rodolfo, Roger, Roland [Orlando], Rolf, Roscoe, Roth, Royce, Rudiger, Rudolph [Rolf, ..], Rune, Rurik, Sackville, Sander [Zander], Saxe

Saxon - Sturm
Saxon [Saxe], Schaeffer, Schubert, Schultz, Seeley, Selig [Zelig], Siegfried, Sigmund, Sigwald, Silverman, Snyder, Springer, Stark, Stefan, Stein, Stephen [Stefan], Sterne, Straus, Strom, Sturm

Tab - Verrill
Tab, Tancred, Tannon, Ted, Terrell, Terry, Theobald [Ted], Theodoric [Ted, ..], Thierry, Thurman, Till, Traugott, Uberto, Ugo, Ulf, Ulric, Umberto, Valdemar [Waldemar], Varick, Verrill

Vischer - Werner
Vischer, Volker, Volney, Wagner, Wald, Waldemar [Valdemar], Walden, Waldo [Waldron], Waldorf, Waldron, Waldwick, Walfred, Waller, Walter [Gauthier], Wanamaker, Warner [Werner], Weissman, Welby, Wendell, Werner [Warner]

Wilbert - Zelig
Wilbert [Wilbur], Wilbur, Wilder, William [Wilmer, ..], Wilmer, Windsor, Wistar, Wolfe, Wolfert, Wolfgang, Wyckoff, Yves [Ivo], Zander, Zelig [Selig]