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Derwin - Jerrick

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Derwin 1 .. Source fr. Old English element. "Gifted friend." Derwin is a sparsely used masculine name, and it appears commonly (Top 73%) as a last name according to the US Census. See also Deron. .. [Darwin, Dervin, Derwyn, .. 5 more]

Hadrian 2 .. The Roman emperor Hadrianus (second century AD) was a gifted writer and architect .. Hadrian is an irregularly used given name. The form Adrian is generally used as a variation of this name. [Adrian, Adriano, .. 2 more]

Jerrick 3 .. Modern version of Derek (English, Old German) "gifted ruler; the people's ruler" or used as a blend of Jerold and Derrick .. Atypical as a birth name. See also Jerico. [Jerack, Jerek, Jerric, .. 5 more]

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[Derwin - Jerrick]
Derwin [Dervon, Dervin, Durwin, Derwyn, Darwin, Darwyn, Derwent, Derwynn], Hadrian [Adrian, Adrien, Hadrien, Adriano], Jerrick [Jeric, Jerek, Jerack, Jereck, Jerick, Jerrik, Jerric, Jerriq]