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Goat Names

8 Goat names and what they mean, for goat for baby boys, listing 1-8. Here is the list of Goat names for girls.

Aegeus .. The name refers to "aigis", a shield made of goat-skin that was the sign of Zeus, and also occurs as Egidio and Giles ..
[Aigeos, Aigeus]

Buck .. The word for a male goat or deer, used as a given name or nickname that denotes a robust and spirited young man ..
[Buckey, Buckie, Buckley, Bucky]

Egidio .. (Greek) "Small goat." ..

Faunus .. He was attended by little fauns, half man and half goat.

Giles .. (Greek) "Small goat." .. The name refers to the goat-skin that ancient shields were made of.
[Egide, Egidio, Egidius, Gide, Gil, .. 6 more]

Jael .. (Hebrew) "Mountain goat."

Kidd .. (Middle English) "Kid, young goat." Probably an occupational name referring to an ancestor who kept goats ..

Terach .. (Hebrew) "Wild goat." ..

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Goat names: Buck, Giles, Jael

Buck is a commonly used name, while Aegeus, Egidio, Faunus, Giles, Jael, Kidd and Terach are rare in comparison. (2000 U.S. Census)

Suggested words: dog, fool, kid, monkey, stag.

Bill .. Billie and Billy are pet forms, though Billie is frequently used for girls .. Country-western singer Billy Ray Cyrus .. Singer Billy Joel .. Actors Bill Cosby, Billy Crystal, Bill Bixby, Billy Crudup, Billy Bob Thornton ..
[Billie, Billy, Byll]

Bronco .. A bronco is a horse that bucks off its rider.

Bassett .. Also the name of a short-legged hunting dog, the basset hound, possibly named so because its torso is so low ("bas" in French) to the ground.

Bardolf .. A drunken fool named Bardolph appears in four of Shakespeare's plays.
[Bardolph, Bardou, Bardoul, Bardulf, Bardulph]

Kermit .. Variant of Dermot, made famous by the popular green Muppet Kermit the Frog.

Garron .. A garron or garran is a type of horse .. Use of Garron and variants listed here are probably the use of family surnames or as rhyming variants following the pattern of Darin variants.
[Garan, Garen, Garin, Garion, Garon, .. 4 more]

Dennis .. Actors Dennis Quaid, Dennis Christopher, Dennis Hopper, Dennis Franz, Denis Leary, Dennis Haysbert ..
[Den, Denies, Denis, Dennes, Dennet, .. 12 more]

Gabbo .. (Middle English) "Scoff, joke."

Butcher .. Also made familiar through "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" movie.

Seferino .. Before he was the monkey in the Babar stories, Zephyr was the West Wind personified in Greek myth ..
[Cefirino, Sebarino, Sephirio, Zefarin, Zefirino, .. 2 more]

Braden .. Bradán is a personal name meaning "salmon".
[Bradan, Bradden, Braddon, Bradin, Bradon, .. 7 more]

Hart .. (Old English) "Stag." ..


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