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Abiel 6 .. Derivative of Hebrew element. "My father is the Lord." A seldom-used given name. See also Avyel. .. [Abiell, Abyell, .. 3 more]

Abisha 7 .. Stems fr. Hebrew element. "Gift of God." Both a masculine and a feminine name. Abisha is sparsely used as a men's name. [Abidja, Abidjah, .. 2 more]

Abram 8 .. Biblical: the patriarch Abraham's name before God changed it .. Very popular choice for a birth name (#377 in 2014) that is also found conventionally as a surname. See also Aviram. [Abe, Abey, Abran, Avram, .. 6 more]

Absalom 9 .. His father then lamented, "Would God I had died for thee, O Absalom, my son, my son!" Also the title of a tragic novel by William Faulkner .. Absalom is rarely occurring as a male name. [Absalon, Abshalom, Absolon, .. 4 more]

Acim 10 .. Derived fr. Hebrew word. "God will judge." Unique as a given name for baby boys. See also Akhim. [Achim, .. 1 more]

Adael 11 .. Root fr. Hebrew word. "God witnesses." Adael is a sparsely used male name. See also Adiel. [Adayel]

Adel 12 .. Derived fr. Hebrew, Old German words. "God is eternal." Unique as a boys' name, Adel is found more frequently as a last name. Both a masculine and a feminine name. .. [Adal, .. 1 more]

Aditya 13 .. This is the name for the seven Hindu gods who are the children of Aditi, the ancient Hindu goddess of the sky and fertility. Usage of Aditya as a birth name has faded over time since 2008.

Adlai 14 .. Derivative of Hebrew element. "God is just." A seldom-used birth name. Name suitable for both genders. .. [Ad, Adley, .. 4 more]

Adonia 15 .. Stems fr. Hebrew element. "My lord is Jehovah." Also suitable as a girls' name. Adonia is rarely occurring as a men's name. .. [Adon, Adonias, .. 3 more]

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