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God Names

Page 2/14. 280 God names and what they mean, for god for baby boys, listing 21-40.

Ames .. The name may be related to the Latin word for love, "amor", or may have referred to those who lived near elm trees, or may be a variant of Amos (Hebrew) "borne by God" ..
[Aimes, Aymes]

Amiel .. (Hebrew) "God of my people."

Amos .. (Hebrew) "Borne by God." ..
[Am, Amoss]

Angel .. (Greek) "Messenger of God." .. Biblical: name for the spirit creatures sent by God to men as His messengers ..
[Andjelko, Ange, Angelino, Angell, Angelmo, .. 13 more]

Angus .. Celtic mythology: Angus Og is a god of attractive traits such as humor and wisdom ..
[Aengus, Angie, Anngus, Ennis, Gus, .. 1 more]

Ansel .. Also variant of Anselm (Old German) "God's helmet" ..
[Ancell, Ansell]

Anselm .. (Old German) "God's helmet." ..
[Anse, Ansel, Anselme, Anselmi, Anselmo, .. 3 more]

Aodh .. Mythology: name of the Celtic sun god ..

Apollo .. Mythology: the Greek and Roman god of light, music, and poetry, who drives the sun across the sky in a carriage, and also rules over healing and prophecy, speaking through the famous oracle at Delphi .. In contrast, Dionysus, the god of wine and revelry, represents the spontaneous and instinctual.
[Apollon, Apollos, Apolo]

Ares .. Greek mythology: Ares was the god of war, and one of the lovers of Aphrodite, goddess of beauty ..

Ariel .. (Hebrew) "Lion of God." ..
[Aeriel, Aeriell, Airel, Airyel, Airyell, .. 7 more]

Asael .. (Hebrew) "God has created." ..
[Asaya, Asayel, Asahel, Asiel]

Asgard .. (Old Norse) "Gods' courtyard." The eternal dwelling place of the Scandinavian gods ..

Ashur .. In Assyrian, the name Ashur refers to the Assyrian warrior god, the people and their first major city ..

Attila .. He was also known as "the scourge of God".
[Atila, Atilano, Atilo, Attilia, Attilio]

Augustine .. In England, Saint Augustine (sixth century) was the first archbishop of Canterbury famous for the frank "Confessions", in which he says, "Oh God, make me chaste - but not yet".
[Agoston, Aguistin, Agustin, Augie, Augustin, .. 6 more]

Avital .. This name is a poetic reference to God ..

Azariah .. (Hebrew) "Helped by God." ..
[Azarel, Azaria, Azarya, Azria, Azriah, .. 3 more]

Azrael .. (Hebrew) "Helped by God." ..

Azriel .. (Hebrew) "God is my help."
[Azreel, Azryel]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of God names: Amos, Angel, Angus, Ansel, Apollo, Ares, Ariel, Augustine, Azariah

Amos, Angel, Ariel and Augustine are commonly used names, while Ames, Amiel, Angus, Ansel, Anselm, Aodh, Apollo, Ares, Asael, Asgard, Ashur, Attila, Avital, Azariah, Azrael and Azriel are rare in comparison. (2000 U.S. Census)

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