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Goddess names and what they mean, for goddess for men. Here is the list of Goddess names for girls. These boy names were at the peak of their popularity during the years 1910-1919 (usage of 0.2839%) and are somewhat less popular today (usage 0.2215%, down 22%), with names like Aditya, Demetrius, Isidore, Laverne and Nick becoming somewhat dated. Adonis (#726), Alexander (#8), Ares (#781) and Timothy (#135) are four of the more contemporarily stylish boy names in this list, with Alexander and Timothy having a rebound in popularity.

Aditya - Zeus

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Aditya 1 .. .. the ancient Hindu goddess of the .. Usage of Aditya as a children's name in 2014 was down 100% compared to a decade ago.

Adonis 2 .. .. beloved of Aphrodite, goddess of love .. Common. Adonis, like Daphnis, Yannis, ends with the popular androgynous -nis. [Addonia, Adohnes, Adon, Adonys, .. 1 more]

Alexander 3 .. .. title of the goddess Hera, consort .. Alec, Alessandro, Alexandro and Sandy are commonly used as forms of Alexander. [Al, Alaster, Alejo, Aleko, Aleksandr, Aleksanteri, Alesandro, Alessandro, Alex, Alexandros, .. 60 more]

Ares 4 .. .. lovers of Aphrodite, goddess of beauty .. Ares peaked in popularity in 2014. See also Ayers.

Artemas 5 .. Based on Greek element. "Follower of the goddess Artemis." Common. Compare Artemas, var. with popular last names Artigas (upper 38%), Arteta (54%), which also start with Ar-. Biblical .. [Art, Artimas, Arty, .. 6 more]

Demetrius 6 .. .. is the Greek goddess of corn .. Prominent. Dametrius, var. (cf. Januarius, Nektarius) end with the favored masculine-sounding -rius. [Dametrius, Demitrios, Demitrius, Dimitrios, Dimetrius, .. 14 more]

Isidore 7 .. .. was the principal goddess of ancient .. Unusual. Isidore, Dore, Isadore (cf. Theodore, Wilmore) end with the common masculine-sounding -ore. [Dore, Dory, Isador, Issy, Izydor, Ysidro, .. 9 more]

Laverne 8 .. .. of a classical goddess of minor .. Laverne (cf. Verne, Cerne) is a popular -rne suffix surname. [Lavern, Luvern, .. 3 more]

Nick 9 .. .. kee, the Greek goddess of victory .. Nick (upper 25%) and Nicky (94%) are prevalent men's names. [Nicco, Niko, Nikos, Nixon, Nykko, .. 5 more]

Paladio 10 .. .. name for the Greek goddess Athena .. Uncommon, but Paladio is comparable to common Pala- surnames Palacio (upper 3%), Palatino (99%). [Palladius]

Timothy 11 .. .. of the Greek moon goddess Diana .. Timothy, Timotheo, etc. became less popular in 2014, falling on average -1 position as birth names with Timothy dropping the most. [Tim, Timmy, Timofeo, Timotheo, Timothey, Timotheus, Tymothy, .. 12 more]

Zeus 12 .. .. to gods and goddesses such as .. A rare baby name. See also Deus.

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Goddess names: Aditya, Adonis, Alexander, Ares, Demetrius, Isidore, Laverne, Nick, Timothy

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[Aditya - Zeus]
Aditya, Adonis [5], Alexander [70], Ares, Artemas [9], Demetrius [19], Isidore [14], Laverne [5], Nick [10], Paladio [1], Timothy [19], Zeus